The Sims Celebrates Anniversary with a Sale and Free Weekend

By Tanner Dedmon
The Sims as a series turns has been around for 22 years now with the creators celebrating the anniversary of the games this week. For players, that means you get to take advantage of a sale on The Sims 4 that extends not only to the game itself but also a ton of its add-ons. If you don’t have The Sims 4 yet or only have it on one platform and want to make the jump to another, you can try out the game for free during the weekend on the PC platform and can purchase it at a discount.
Through the Twitter account for all things Sims, Electronic Arts reminded players this week of the anniversary celebrations which officially got underway on February 3rd. From that date until February 7th, you can play The Sims 4 for free on Steam. Simply head over to the Steam client and you’ll see the free trial option for the game along with some deep discounts on other purchases if you decide now’s the time to sink hours upon hours into The Sims 4.
Have you heard? 🎉📣 Enjoy the weekend celebrating on Steam 🥳 and play The Sims™ 4 trial free between February 3-7 while saving on select packs that expand your Sims’ world!

Check it out here:
“Happy birthday Simmers! We’re celebrating with sales and a time limited trial,” the Steam page announcing the anniversary celebrations said. Create unique Sims whose personalities and appearances you choose and play through the stories of their lives. You’ll constantly discover new reasons to celebrate as they make friends, fall in love, build their careers, and grow their families. Try The Sims 4 between Feb 3-7 and save 88% when you purchase from Feb 3-11. Also, save on select packs that expand your Sims’ world with new locations, jobs, and gameplay from Feb 3-11.”
For those who haven’t waded into the dense world of Sims DLC before, add-ons are divided into a couple of different categories. You’ve got Expansions which are the biggest releases and add the most content, Game Packs which could be described as the “medium” content level that equips players with different adventures and activities, and then finally there’s the Stuff Packs which cost the least and come with an equivalent level of content. Each category features across-the-board prices for the packs within, so the discounts are easy enough to figure out in sales like these. Expansions are half off at $19.99 each, Game Packs are 30% off at $13.99 each, and Stuff Packs are 30% off at $6.99 each for the duration of this sale.
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