The Walking Dead: What We Hope To Learn From The Season 7 Premiere

Since the season six finale of The Walking Dead, speculation has been flying from every corner of the internet claiming to have decoded the mystery of who fell victim to Negan and Lucille. While sneak peeks and interviews have given hints of who got the bat and glimpses of what’s to come, I’ve tried my best to avoid it all. Though the self-imposed media blackout may improve my experience of season seven, it also leaves me with three questions that I answered.

3 Questions To Be Answered

  1. Who did Negan kill? Of course this is my first question. Just like it’s everybody else’s. It’s been speculated on, supposedly spoiled, and is still one of the biggest cliffhangers in TV history. Even the people who claim to know for a fact who got the bat are foaming at the mouth to actually see the victim. My vote would be for any of the B-list characters, which is why they needed the mystery to keep people talking until the next season. If it was a major character, I think they would have shown the death onscreen during the finale so we could mourn together during the season break.
  2. Is the baby okay? Though the introduction of Negan and the inevitable death of an Alexandrian have overshadowed everything else in the season six finale, there were two other important threads that were left dangling. Maggie’s pregnancy complications may have been just an excuse to get Rick and the crew out on the road, but the possible long term implications shouldn’t be glossed over. Assuming Maggie wasn’t killed by Negan and the baby lives, that’s another young life for the Alexandria community to feed and protect, but could also serve as a sign of hope for rebuilding a civilized society in this postapocalyptic world. On the other hand, losing the child could be too much for Maggie and Glenn to handle (if they’re both even alive), furthering the downward spiral left in Negan’s wake.
  3. What happens to Carol and Morgan? The B storyline for the season finale, Carol succumbs to guilt for all of the lives she’s taken, so she exiles herself from Alexandria. Morgan sets out after her, breaking his vow not to kill in order to save the injured Carol. Will she survive? Will they go back to Alexandria? If so, what will their mental states be? It seems like these polar opposites may even each other out, but will it be enough to make them both stable, reliable contributing members of the community?

How do you think these questions will be answered? Let us know in the comments section, then watch the premiere on AMC, Sunday, October 23rd.

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