The Walking Dead's Walls of Alexandria Are Coming Down

By Cameron Bonomolo
The walls of the Alexandria Safe-Zone will soon fall as The Walking Dead nears the end of filming on its Final Season. Since Season 5, the Gin Property in Senoia, Georgia, has served as the walled-off community of Alexandria, the home of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his group of zombie apocalypse survivors. According to Georgia newspaper The Newnan Times-Herald, the real-life housing development that has served as a live set for The Walking Dead since 2014 will be “fully restored” as all traces of the AMC zombie drama are expected to be removed by June 30. 
The Walking Dead is in the last stretch of filming its final Season 11 episodes and expects to wrap on the series finale by mid-March. 
The Newnan Times-Herald reports location manager Michael Riley of Walking Dead production company Stalwart Films requested, and was granted, an extension on the closure of Morgan Street through late June. The road has been closed to through traffic on each end of the Gin Property since September 2014. 
Filming will be completed this spring “if all goes well and COVID doesn’t get in the way,” Riley said. The extension to keep Morgan Street closed through summer “allows us, probably, enough time to clean things up,” The Newnan Times-Herald quotes Riley saying. 
Scott Tigchelaar, developer of the Gin Property, confirmed all sets are to be removed, the landscaping redone, and the development “fully restored” when The Walking Dead has finished filming its 24-episode Season 11. This includes the removal of the iconic windmill, which caught fire during a violent storm and walker invasion of Alexandria in October’s Season 11 Part 1 finale “For Blood.” 
AMC Networks will restore 10 homes built on the Gin Property for the production. These houses will be put on the market by May or June, according to the Times-Herald
Explaining the decision not to build facade “set homes,” Tigchelaar told the Times-Herald, “AMC wanted to be more environmentally conscious and leave a lasting legacy to the show by building real, permanent homes which might be sold at the end of production. As a result, fans of the show will forever be able to visit a little bit of the Alexandria Safe-Zone, drive by their favorite character’s house from the show…or perhaps even purchase and live in it.”
In-universe, a compromised Alexandria is on the verge of collapse after its devastation during The Whisperer War. The fate of Alexandria will be revealed in Parts 2 and 3 of The Walking Dead: The Final Season, continuing with eight new episodes in February and concluding with another eight later in 2022. 
The Walking Dead: The Final Season Part 2 premieres Sunday, February 20 at 9:00 pm ET/8c on AMC. New episodes will continue to be available one week early beginning February 13 on AMC+. 

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