The Witcher Season 3 Report Reveals Newest Cast Member

Netflix has been very quiet in regards to The Witcher Season 3, but a potential new cast member may have leaked. According to Redanian Intelligence, Rochelle Rose (Death in Paradise, Boxing Day) has joined the cast. The actress has apparently been seen on set, and the site believes she may be playing the role of Margarita Laux-Antille, a sorceress and friend to Yennifer of Vengerberg. As none of this has been confirmed, readers are advised to take this with a grain of salt, but Redanian Intelligence tends to be a very reliable source when it comes to things related to The Witcher.

In addition to Rose’s casting, the outlet also offered an update on actor Safiyya Ingar. Ingar was the first new cast member to leak for Season 3, and like Rose, has been seen on set. Redanian Intelligence believes that Ingar is also playing a sorceress, Keira Metz. Images of these new cast members were shared on the outlet’s Twitter account, and can be found in the Tweet embedded below.

Season 3 of #TheWitcher Finds Two Powerful Sorceresses

Filming on The Witcher Season 3 has already begun, but no information has been provided about a potential release date. Presumably, the new season won’t arrive on Netflix until sometime in 2023, but nothing has been confirmed, at this time. Filming on the prequel series The Witcher: Blood Origin wrapped last year, and a teaser for the spin-off aired at the end of The Witcher Season 2’s finale. It seems like a safe bet that Blood Origin will serve to fill the void left by a new season of The Witcher this year.

While fans are eagerly awaiting more content based on the brand, plans are already being made beyond the next season. Director Stephen Surjik recently revealed that a fourth season has been “mapped out” by the writers and producers. While Netflix has yet to greenlight a fourth season, it seems fans of The Witcher will have plenty to enjoy over the next few years!

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