This Pokemon Generator Is Going Viral Over Its Crazy Creations

By Evan Valentine
Throughout the decades, Pokemon has taken the opportunity to introduce fans to some strange creatures throughout both the franchise’s anime and the countless video games that place players into the roles of trainer seeking to catch powerful pocket monsters. While Ghost Type Pokemon are definitely some of the scariest creatures within the popular franchise, a new AI program is helping fans to create terrifying Pokemon of their own, introducing new pocket monsters to the various generations of the series that would have otherwise never have seen the light of day.  
If you haven’t been following along with the adventures of Ash Ketchum in Pokemon Journeys, fans have been given some of the biggest adventures in the trainer’s life, as the eternally young trainer has been on a world tour to help in celebrating his first-ever Pokemon Tournament victory. Joined by his new friend Goh, who is seeking to capture the Pokemon known as Mew to add to his ever-expanding roster, Ash has a new challenge ahead of him in defeating the trainers of Galar, with a future episode of the anime hinting that a road trip with none other than Galar’s Champion Leon is in the cards for the anime’s protagonist.
Twitter User Onion_MU shared this hilariously dark artificial intelligence that tries its best to create Pokemon of its own but will often spit out some wild creations that are terrifying or disturbing as it attempts to bring some of the classic pocket monsters to life in a brand new way:

This AI pokemon website is the funniest shit. It surprisingly well but the results can be stupid funny.
The longevity of the Pokemon franchise hasn’t just been through its anime series, but also with the countless video games released on the Nintendo systems throughout the console generations. Though Pokemon Sword And Shield was the first offering of the universe of trainers on the Nintendo Switch, the latest release in Pokemon Legends: Arceus has changed the gameplay astronomically via a time-traveling adventure that pits players into a world of past pocket monsters that are roaming the countryside, causing problems for people who have no idea how to handle the creatures. 
What is the scariest Pokemon that you’ve ever seen? What creation were you able to make with this wild artificial intelligence? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Pokemon. 
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