Thor Love & Thunder Trailer Trends On Twitter As Marvel Fans Anticipate Release

By Kofi Outlaw
Thor: Love and Thunder has Marvel fans so excited for its release in theaters that the hype alone is enough to make the film a trending topic! Thor 4 is now taking over Twitter as fans react to the recent reveals from the film’s merchandise line – toys that reveal the new costumes and character designs of characters like Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster/Mighty Thor
With the surprises of Thor: Love and Thunder now coming out, fans want Marel Studios and director Taika Waititi to release the official marketing materials for the film, to give us a real look at what Love and Thunder is all about! 
Are you worthy of these new Marvel Studios’ Thor: Love and Thunder items? ⚡
Just so we’re clear: Marvel is officially putting out and hyping its Thor: Love and Thunder toy line, so the marketing campaign is indeed in effect. Where’s that trailer and poster tho?
Great to see a first look at how MCU is doing Jane Foster’s Thor, but REALLY wanting to see her in a trailer or at least a poster soon
These toy releases can never do the actual film justice.
For those asking where’s the #ThorLoveAndThunder trailer, I got some digits for ya…
Time between first teaser + release date:
Shang-Chi: 136 days
Eternals: 165 days
Spider-Man: 116 days
As of this tweet, we are 137 days from Thor 4’s July 8 release. In other words, we’re due.
Any statistician can tell you: Marvel Studios definitely has an established pattern with its marketing. Ergo…
thor trailer is… inevitable
#ThanosWasRight Indeed.
Thor Love and Thunder teaser trailer tomorrow! 🔨⚡️
The popular theory is that Thor: Love and Thunder‘s trailer could be dropping as soon as this week – maybe even tomorrow. You never know with Marvel, so… You never know.
Marvel Studios just released Thor: Love and Thunder merchandise and leaks for the tease trailer for Thor 4 will soon launch on YouTube around March-April, after the official trailer for Doctor Strange 2. At the same time, we will have a teaser trailer for She-Hulk.
Other theories from fans and analysts predict the much larger marketing schedule that Marvel Studios / Disney has planned for its 2022 slate.
(this is gonna be NWH all over again lol)
As Marvel fans start to feel the pull of anticipation for Thor: Love and Thunder‘s trailer release, they’re also getting flashbacks of the trauma of waiting for Spider-Man: No Way Home’s trailer!
Thor LAT trailer when??.@MarvelStudios
Marvel fans aren’t playing around anymore: they want a firm date and time on this Thor: LAT trailer!
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