Tony Khan Invokes WWE NXT While Discussing Ring of Honor Plans

Tony Khan was asked multiple times about his plans for Ring of Honor during his post-show press conference following Sunday’s Revolution pay-per-view. Reports have already popped up stating Khan intends on using the Baltimore-based promotion as a type of developmental territory for the All Elite Wrestling promotion and while Khan didn’t confirm that, he did invoke the 2012-2021 era of NXT while talking about his plans.

At one point Khan asked the reporters in attendance which version of NXT they preferred, Black & Gold or NXT 2.0. After they overwhelmingly responded with the former, he followed up by asking which version was more conducive to Vince McMahon’s booking, with the obvious answer being the latter.

“For better or for worse, if they’re not gonna change what they’re doing to the main [roster] stuff, wasn’t it a more efficient process [to reboot NXT as NXT 2.0]? That way, at least you’re not calling up people you don’t believe in,” Khan said. “Does that make sense?”

He also emphasized that he’d be the booker of the show, just like he is for AEW — “I’m going be the booker. And there’s a reason for that. Because I will be bringing in young wrestlers, and they have a lot of young wrestlers, and I think we’re very successful here and we’re doing very well here… For continuity sake, when you bring people in, other wrestling companies that have had multiple promotions under one corporate structure or one person, I don’t think it’s conducive to have people coming into an environment — say somebody would come here from there and the whole thing that’s been going on with them, I might not be behind it.”

Khan also talked about who will help in with running the promotion, directly mentioning William Regal (who just signed with the promotion) and Ace Steel. He said, “We have a lot of great people in AEW and a lot of great minds. You saw Lord Regal is here, Ace Steel has been helping out, and has been a great coach. Sonjay Dutt has been helping. The coaching roster has gotten stronger and I’m never afraid to utilize active wrestlers like Bryan Danielson. I will be [the booker], but I will continue to work with people, soliciting ideas, keeping things organized and building two great rosters of wrestlers.”

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