Tony Khan Moving Forward with ROH's Supercard of Honor Despite AEW Rampage Conflict

Tony Khan is now the owner of Ring of Honor, which ended up being the major announcement he was teasing a few weeks back. Since the announcement on Dynamite, we haven’t received too many details about how the promotion will function or who it will involve, but there are already Champions out there holding titles for it and there was already a major event in the works before Khan became the new owner. That event is of course Supercard of Honor, and during an appearance on Busted Open Radio today, Khan said he was moving forward with the event despite it running directly up against AEW Rampage.

“I haven’t had the chance to talk about it publicly, but I thought it would be great to address it with you guys today. I had not scheduled this pay-per-view, Ring of Honor Supercard, but I really think it’s important for me because they sold tickets and made a commitment to the fans to still do the show,” Khan said. “I see it as a transitional show in many ways and I’m really excited about it. It’s the first show under new management and a transition show for….I will relaunch what I hope to be a really great new Ring of Honor television product, a weekly series, wherever it does air or stream. And this is a great opportunity to put our own stamp on it.”

Khan also addressed the event running against AEW’s own Rampage show, and admitted it will be a very unique scenario for both AEW and him personally, as he will essentially be in two places at once as he oversees both shows, and WarnerMedia is also on board.

“Now, it’s a unique circumstance because there is other stuff on TV that night, including AEW Rampage. It’s going to be unusual because I’m effectively in two places at once. And it’s going to be a bizarre and hopefully memorable night in wrestling. I would never compete with my own show. So it’s going to be a very different night because we’re making a one-time-only exception. I’m grateful to the great partnership we have with WarnerMedia.”

As for the card itself, we’re still getting things finalized, but Khan seems happy with how it’s shaping up. That said, he is also balancing making the Supercard card the best it can be while also delivering the best AEW Rampage episode he can, as AEW is still his top priority.

“I am going to announce more for the card. I’m really excited about it. I’ll make it the best card I can for Ring of Honor while still respecting AEW and our agreements with WarnerMedia and keeping AEW a top priority also.”

Ring of Honor’s Supercard of Honor airs on April 1st at 7 PM EST.



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