Top 10 Comic Books Rising in Value in the Last Week Includes James Gunn's DC, Spider-Man Noir, and Wytches

Amazon and James Gunn heavily influence this week’s top ten, bringing back familiar and new properties. Gracing the top ten again are Supergirl, Creature Commandos, Damian Wayne, and The Authority. Amazon takes two spots with the indie series Butterfly and Wytches, both seeing options for a series on the streaming platform. Marvel makes an appearance by announcing a Spider-Man Noir series, also debuting on Amazon. Storm graces the cover of a beautiful retailer incentive and is the only book not influenced by news or trailers. Our top spot goes to a variant of a popular DC character who hit the spotlight thanks to the new Flash Super Bowl trailer. Find out who it is below!

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#10: BATMAN #655 | DC | 2006 | Bat-fans can’t get enough of Damian Wayne! One of the most notable new characters debuting in Gunn’s roster, Damian takes two spots in this week’s list. First up, his cameo appearance. Wherever you may stand on the cameo vs. full appearance debate, you can’t go wrong with either book. They both have nearly the same FMV for a raw NM copy. The question comes down to the collector… What is most valuable, a cameo or a full appearance? We tracked it at a high sale of $495 for a CGC 9.8 copy and a current raw NM FMV of $71.

#9: SPIDER-MAN NOIR #1 | MARVEL | 2009 | Last week we got news of a Spider-Man Noir series in development at Amazon. This is one of the two series that Sony has been promising to the fans, the second being Silk: Spider Society. This exciting news was followed by lukewarm news one day later when it was reported that Spider-Man Noir would not be Peter Parker. It’s an interesting direction to take, and while some seem hesitant, fans are still chasing Noir’s first appearance. We tracked it at a high sale of $525 for a CGC 9.8 copy and a current raw NM FMV of $189.

#8: STORM & THE BROTHERHOOD OF MUTANTS #1 – ARTHUR ADAMS (1:50) | MARVEL | 2023 | Every other book on this list made it to the top ten because of new information or a new trailer. However, this book stands alone. While it holds the first appearance of a new character, Jon Ironfire, it is unrelated to any cinematic news. This book is selling well simply because it was a great story, a good key, and a fantastic retailer incentive cover. We tracked it at a high sale of $100 for a raw copy and a current NM FMV of $89.

#7: BATMAN #656 | DC | 2006 | The second half of the full vs. cameo appearance book set! Whichever you prefer, both are on the top ten list this week. Gunn’s announcement for The Brave and The Bold has catapulted both these books into the spotlight. Who knows what the future holds for Damian Wayne? One thing is certain; his books have dominated the secondary market since last week! We tracked it at a high sale of $360 for a CGC 9.8 copy and a raw NM FMV of $67.

#6: CREATURE COMMANDOS #1 | DC | 2000 | Another Gunn announcement propels a book to our top list! While WEIRD WAR TALES #93 is the first team appearance of the Creature Commandos, speculators are picking up the team’s first solo series. An interesting note is that the characters that first appear in this issue do not appear in the promo image released for the series. Regardless, this has not stopped fans from purchasing a copy. We tracked it at a high sale of $89.95 for a raw copy. Current NM raws are trending at $43.

#5: SUPERGIRL: WOMAN OF TOMORROW | DC | 2021 | Supergirl is a superstar this week! She is giving Damian a run for his money. The Gunn announcement of a Supergirl movie has increased interest in this book, which shares the same title as the movie. Seeing as this book will be the inspiration behind the movie’s storyline, it is quickly becoming a rarity to find! We tracked it at a high sale of $50 for an NM raw copy and currently trending at an FMV of $39.

#4: WYTCHES #1 | IMAGE | 2014 | This is an interesting book to see in the top ten. The story is truly a captivating horror tale with striking visuals. While this was originally optioned for a film, it has now been announced that it will be an animated series debuting on Amazon. Whether you’re an investor or a collector, Wytches is a great pick-up in preparation for the eventual debut of the animated horror show. We tracked it at a high sale of $153 for a CGC 9.8 copy and a raw NM FMV of $22.

#3: THE AUTHORITY | DC | 1999 | Ultra-violent, gritty, and weird… this sounds exactly like a project Gunn was born to helm. His particular style of bizarre characters and visually captivating scenes will fit this project well. The Authority is not a PG-13 group of heroes, and googling a few panels of this comic will show how violent this group of heroes can be. Many have compared the gritty, sarcastic, and bloody team with that of THE BOYS. THE BOYS paints heroes negatively, while this series still holds on to a more hopeful view of superheroes. We tracked it at a high sale of $422 for a CGC 9.8 copy and a current raw VF FMV of $33.

#2: BUTTERFLY #1 | ARCHAIA STUDIOS PRESS | 2014 |Talk about an overnight success! Amazon announced that this storyline will be getting a series on its streaming platform, and that is all it took to increase the value of this comic. A few weeks ago, this book was a dollar bin find. After the announcement of the series, this book made enormous jumps in value. Within a day, it jumped to $25, then again to $50, and again to $100. We tracked it at a high sale of $100 for a raw copy and an NM FMV of $67.

#1: SUPERMAN / BATMAN #8 | DC | 2004 | Who watches the Superbowl for football? We all know why we tune in… the commercials and mind-blowing trailers. And wow, DC put its best foot forward in showcasing the upcoming “The Flash” film. There are so many amazing moments (looking at you, Keaton!), but one specific character’s debut in the DCU propelled this book to this week’s top spot: Supergirl. However, this isn’t Lara Lane Kent from Injustice: Gods Among Us Year Three #7 (regardless of the notable likeness). Instead, it looks like this iteration of Supergirl is the post-crisis version of Kara Zor-El. Will this Supergirl be part of Gunn’s new DC world? Only time will tell. In the meantime, this book has been seeing some heat! We tracked it at a high sale of $70 for a CGC 9.6, with a raw NM FMV of $24.

And that’s your TOP 10 COMICS OF THE WEEK for 2/13/23!


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