Uncovering Ancient Secrets in G-Raider

With its monumental tombs and pantheon of colourful gods, ancient Egypt has fascinated writers and artists throughout history. That includes erotic artists, too — after all, the Egyptian gods had pretty exciting sex lives. But what if an ordinary person — or a very unusual one, actually — got caught up in the wild loves of the gods? That’s the question Tony Towers and artist Peter Logan set out to answer in the G-Raider series.

Lead character Galathea (or Gala to her friends) owes a lot to fictional archaeologists like Indiana Jones (especially her hat) and Lara Croft (especially her tiny shorts). Unlike her predecessors, however, Galathea has two unique features: first, she tends to solve her problems with sex rather than with fists or guns, and second, she’s an immortal giantess.

When Galathea’s colleague and lover Jules is murdered by mysterious agents, she sets out with her team of assistants (and lovers) to discover the identity of the killer. As she investigates, she begins to see that this case is connected to a long-ago incident. An old lover may need her help, and an old enemy could be rearing her head again.

The plot of this story bounces (sorry) between action, investigation and sex, spanning thousands of years and featuring trips to Europe, Egypt and even the otherworldly home of the gods. Along the way, Galathea battles monsters and assassins with the help of her faithful companions. The modern story is interspersed with flashbacks of Gala’s passionate affair with an Egyptian god. Well, several Egyptian gods — although “love affair” would be stretching a point there.

The unusual nature of the Egyptian gods allows G-Raider to get creative with its giantess sex. The usual huge-woman-tiny-man dynamic is still around in Gala’s relationship with Jules and other ordinary humans, but when she finds herself mixed up with the Egyptian gods, all kinds of shape-shifting and divine transformations take place, including a memorable scene in which Gala gets caught in the coils of the cobra-goddess Wadjet (here called Uadyet, which is the most common Spanish spelling).

The bizarre combinations and transformations of these scenes mean that Logan really gets to flex his artistic muscles, representing a wide range of different encounters, both intimate and aggressive. With exotic locations, wild sex, fights, chases and explosions, G-Raider is an action-packed visual feast.

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