Unlimited Wishes Leads to Unfettered Adventure in The Three Wish Myth

Effortlessly blending magical breast expansion and perverse wish fulfillment, The Three Wish Myth: The Big Brad turns genie mythology on its head, while proving more wishes may not necessarily be better.

Though kind hearted, naive, and optimistic Brad is the comic’s protagonist, it’s the free-wheeling genie that drives the story.

Claiming that all men choose the same three wishes, so three wishes are nowhere near enough wishes to accomplish anything, the genie grants his master an unlimited number of wishes as long as they are spoken and said within a single breath.

While unlimited wishes may seem like a dream come true, the wishes have some unexpected ramifications, drastically changing the lives of the people closes to Brad.

Though Brad wished his girlfriend, Laura, was hot and sexy like one of the pornstars he was watching on his computer, the genie took it one step further, actually turning her into a pornstar. After a quickie, Laura leaves for work. Before Brad made his way down to the studio to talk to her, he decided to give himself a body that would fit in better on the set of a porn video.

We’ll have to wait until chapter three to see how this journey to the porn studio unfolds, but if it’s anything like the results of Brad’s other wishes, it likely won’t end like he expects. With Brad wishing he had the body of a pornstar, it’s possible that he ends up actually in a porno. Whether with his girlfriend or one of her female co-stars, the situation could lead to an incredible sex scene.

Brad’s wishes have already given us blouse bursting breast expansion and lesbian sex, it’s only a matter of time before we see Brad really get in on the action.

Only two chapter’s into the series, this is the perfect time to check out The Three Wish Myth: The Big Brad at BEStoryClub.com.

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