"Useless" Dead by Daylight Status Effect Finally Gets Reworked

Dead by Daylight’s developers announced this week plans to redo one of the first status effects ever added to the game: Hemorrhage. This effect previously caused Survivors to bleed more whenever they were struck by Killers using certain perks or those who had brought special add-ons which in turn made them easier to track. In its new form that’s now being tested on the PTB ahead of its live release, the revamped version of Hemorrhage will instead inflict Survivors with a health regression until they’re able to heal themselves.

Behaviour Interactive shared the changes for Hemorrhage in the same set of test server patch notes that included a nerf for Circle of Healing, but for those who don’t prefer to read through all the notes and just want to see the highlights, the developer has also been posting the details on its social accounts, too. One of those tweets highlighted the Hemorrhage change to show how it’ll affect Survivors once it goes live for everyone.

“New Effect: Survivors affected by the Hemorrhage Status Effect have their healing progression regress at a steady rate when not being healed,” the patch notes said.

As an example, the notes continued to say that if someone has 99% of their health full and they’re afflicted by the Hemorrhage effect, they’ll lose health at 7% per second which will take 14 seconds to completely deplete their healthbars. This puts more pressure on the Survivor to get away and heal themselves quickly instead of just continuing to evade Killers while simply bleeding more.

The patch notes also acknowledged the perspective held by many players that the Hemorrhage effect is a “useless” one. Behaviour said it hopes this new effect will remedy that problem.

“Hemorrhage has had a reputation of being a ‘useless’ status effect, so we reworked it to have a more meaningful impact on the core mechanic of survivor healing,” the patch notes said.

TLDR: We’ve come up with a new version of the Hemorrhage status effect that also affects Survivors’s healing progress. pic.twitter.com/C0E01kVtGd

It’s worth pointing out that the tweet above uses the term “also” to describe the new effect while the patch notes don’t. It’s unclear from that wording whether or not the extra bleeding is still in effect in this new version.

This new effect will likely cause Killers to rethink their loadouts more to try out more creative builds. The Oni’s Blood Echo perk, for example, inflicts all other Survivors with both Hemorrhage and Exhausted effects once one Survivor is hooked which sounds much more attractive after this change. Killers who thrive off using the basic attack with add-ons and unique perks to inflict Hemorrhage should welcome this change as well.

The patch notes aren’t finalized until they’re released for good, so we’ll have to see if it changes at all or if this version is the one settled on when the update goes live for everyone.


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