Walmart Debuts Film Franchise Box Sets With Parody Travel Poster Covers

As they are want to do, Wal-Mart has revealed an exclusive set of DVD covers for fan-favorite movies, this time with a new twist, parody travel posters. Spotted by Bloody Disgusting, the retailer has a whole host of DVD box sets featuring entire film franchises with the unique covers that harken to the location of these iconic movie series. Among those that are available include The Dark Knight Trilogy (an ad for Gotham City naturally), Final Destination 5-movie collection (a poster with an airplane), the Monster-Verse movies (advertising the Hollow Earth from Godzilla vs Kong), and Mortal Kombat (which has the best tagline of any of them). Check out some of the covers below and grab them yourself here.

The only real hang-up about these sets is that not only are they in DVD format with standard definition, but that many of them are for franchises that aren’t completed. New films are in development for Final Destination, Fantastic Beasts, Mortal Kombat, Jurassic World, The Purge, and Fast & Furious, meaning anyone that grabs these unique releases will end up without ever movie at a certain point. In any event, they’re still pretty sweet covers.


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