WandaVision Star Kat Dennings Shares Adroable Thor Throwback Featuring Chris Hemsworth

By Jamie Jirak
Last year, Kat Dennings made her first appearance as Darcy Lewis in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since Thor: The Dark World was released back in 2013. MCU fans loved seeing Dennings back for WandaVision, and the star recently celebrated the first anniversary of the show’s premiere. Today, Dennings threw it all the way back to her first Marvel movie, Thor, which was released in 2011. 
“No sleeper hold can contain me. Also I almost cried finding this picture. The best memories,” Dennings wrote on Twitter. She also shared the photo, which features Chris Hemsworth, on Instagram. “Baby Darcy/Thor memories 😭,” she captioned the other post. You can view the image below:
No sleeper hold can contain me. Also I almost cried finding this picture. The best memories 😭 pic.twitter.com/geKinMOgMH
“I was very surprised and excited,” Dennings said about her eight-years-later Marvel comeback in an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com. “At first, I just knew they wanted to bring Darcy back. When I heard it was for WandaVision, I was very intrigued. It’s such a unique project — I think the audience really appreciated the specialness of the show.”
Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Dennings is going to be a part of Thor: Love and Thunder. While there has been no official word on whether or not we’ll be seeing Darcy again, Marvel producer Mary Livanos teased last year that the character could pop up anywhere.
“I don’t think [Dennings’ absence] had to do with anything COVID-related,” Livanos explained when asked about the lack of Darcy in the WandaVision finale. “We love Darcy as this elusive, wacky character, and I find it particularly delightful that Darcy could pop up anywhere in the universe.”
While Dennings isn’t expected to appear in the fourth Thor movie, there are plenty of stars to look forward to. Hemsworth will be returning as Thor, Natalie Portman is back as Jane Foster, Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie, Jaimie Alexander as Lady Sig, and some of the Guardians of the Galaxy stars are expected to appear in the movie. In addition to the many returning favorites, Thor: Love and Thunder will feature Christian Bale as Gorr the God Butcher. It was also announced that Russell Crowe will be featured in the film, and the actor revealed in April that he will be playing Zeus
Thor: Love & Thunder is currently scheduled to hit theaters on July 8th. If you want more Dennings content, Thor, Thor: The Dark World, and WandaVision are all streaming on Disney+. 
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