Watch WWE's Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio Crash Rey Mysterio's Valentine's Day Dinner

Tonight WWE’s Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio were celebrating their first Valentine’s Day, but things ultimately did not go as planned. If you’ve been keeping up with Dominik and Ripley, they’ve made it a habit of crashing family get-togethers at the Mysterio household, attacking Rey Mysterio on Thanksgiving and causing chaos on Christmas. Now Mysterio was excited to take Rhea to a Valentine’s Day dinner, and after Rey and his wife Angie were already seated, a confrontation had to occur. It didn’t end up going the way Dominik planned though, and Ripley got stuck with the bill.

Things are fine when Ripley and Dominik first arrive, but then the hostess tells them there’s an issue with the reservation. Turns out it was for Rey and Angie, who are seated inside. Dominik and Rhea confront them and Rey and Angie end up giving up their table and leaving, but then things take a turn.

All @reymysterio wanted was a nice Valentine’s Day dinner with his wife, but once again @RheaRipley_WWE and @DomMysterio35 crashed the party ?

When Dominik goes to order their drinks and food, he tells the waiter to add it to the Mysterio tab, but the waiter tells him he is not authorized to use that account. That’s a surprise to him, but he rolls with it, taking out a credit card and giving it to the waiter. They then start to enjoy their food.

After offering to take their plates the waiter tells Dominik that his card was declined, and he doesn’t understand why. Then a policeman walks in and sits at another table, and Dominik starts to freak out. He says it is all part of a sting operation that is meant to send him back to jail, and so he gets up and runs out of the restaurant, leaving Ripley at the table.

Ripley was visibly annoyed at this point and ends up having to pay for the meal. She then takes the wine bottle that was on ice and tells the waiter she’s taking that out of his tip. You can watch the full video in the post above. It seems Rey finally had enough of Dominik and had him locked out of the Mysterio accounts. Dominik also probably angered Ripley too after leaving her at the restaurant, and we’ll have to wait and see what both have to say to Dominik the next time they see him.

The Dominik and Rhea saga has been one of WWE’s most entertaining stories over the past few months, and it isn’t stopping anytime soon. WrestleMania 39 is coming up as well, so hopefully, WWE does something big with it at their biggest show of the year.

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