Wayne's World Director Speaks Out on Possibility of Wayne's World 3

By Spencer Perry
Ever since the first two Wayne’s World movies in the early 90s, Mike Myers and Dana Carvey‘s characters have popped back up in pop culture when we’ve needed them including surprise appearances on Saturday Night Live and even in an UberEats commercial during the Super Bowl last year. In an age where almost every property has been rebooted, why wouldn’t a return to Wayne’s basement for another film with Wayne and Garth be in the cards? If you ask director Penelope Spheeris the answer is a big shrug, unless the stars also want to return and they come up with a good story. 
Speaking with our sister site PopCulture.com, Spheeris was asked about the possibility of a third movie, saying: “I don’t know,. People send me storylines for Wayne’s World 3 and my answer to them is, ‘It’s called intellectual property, guys, and that belongs to Paramount. So why don’t you send your idea to Paramount?'” To that end, Spheeris revealed that a third film could align similar to what was done recently with Bill and Ted, which saw stars Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter return as parents in a decades-later sequel.
“People send me [pictures], if they’ve got twins or something, they’ll send me [their kids] dressed up as Wayne and Garth, a little 3-year-old or whatever,” she added. “It would be really cool to see young kids as Wayne and Garth running around, but still have the older dads around.”
The circumstances for Spheeris wasn’t to do with a third film however but the fact that 1992 original is being re-released in a new format and with a limited-edition steelbook case, cementing the prevailing power of Wayne’s World.
“It’s funny because even when they’re not releasing a new product, people talk about Wayne’s World to me,” Spheeris added. “It just lives on and on and on. It is amazing because when we did the movie, we weren’t like, ‘Oh man, we’re going to make this really big hit. We’re all going to be famous for 30 years.’ We didn’t think that. We thought, ‘Oh hopefully we’ll get three or four theaters, and maybe it’ll last a week.’ We had no idea that it would last this long and people would still love it. But I know I am very, very grateful for it.”  
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