What We Learned from the Suicide Squad Trailer

Since the first cast pictures came out of the Suicide Squad, there’s been an endless stream of outrage, denial, and disbelief. While questions have been flying about what to expect from the upcoming movie, the first official trailer has given us somewhat concrete answers.

3 Answers from the Suicide Squad Trailer

  1. The Joker will have tattoos. The Internet erupted with indignation when the first Jared Leto Joker pictures came out. While a number of insiders said it was just a publicity shot for Mr. J’s 75th birthday and that it wasn’t Leto’s look for the movie, the trailer suggests otherwise.

    Though the tattoos and silver teeth are nothing like The Jokers that have graced the big screen in the past, it’s not completely out of character for some of the incarnations we’ve seen in the comics. While these tattoos are much more on the nose than the dragon tat from All Star Batman and Robin, they’re not the sacrilege they’re made out to be.

    There’s also the possibility, no matter how unlikely, that Leto isn’t actually The Joker, but an obsessed fan with the various tattoos to pay tribute to his idol.

  2. The Joker is the target. While it’s not explicitly stated, it makes sense. The Joker has never been part of the Suicide Squad, which is why we’ve never seen him in the group pictures with the rest of the cast. Even in the trailer and the leaked set photos, the only time he’s with a Squad member is when he’s trying to elude Batman in the Lamborghini with Harley Quinn.

    While I have high hopes for Leto’s Joker, it’s probably best to keep his screen time to a minimum. Just between Harley Quinn and Deadshot, there’s enough star power to carry a movie. Putting The Joker to the side will give the rest of the Squad more time to make their mark instead of competing with possibly the most popular villain of our time.

  3. Killer Croc does actually belong in this movie. At first I thought Killer Croc would make this otherwise completely realistic movie look fake. I mean, a giant crocodile that walks on two feet? That’ll look ridiculous being chased by a billionaire in bat ears.

    But once I saw Killer Croc in action, he was more of an incredibly ugly tough guy than some absurd creature that lurks in Gotham’s sewers. It was a good choice to lean more towards the pre-crisis Killer Croc with human features than the modern age version with a crocodile head and giant claw-like hands.

Now that you have my takeaway from the Suicide Squad trailer, share yours in the comments below.

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