Wordle 273 Is Deceptively Tricky

Today’s Wordle puzzle could trip up at least some users. The popular word puzzle involves a very solvable word, although it does have a few features that might leave some players stumped. The puzzle follows a week in which countless streaks were broken by a pair of tricky words that both featured common word endings. We’ll dive into today’s Wordle puzzle later, explaining why it might trip some players up and providing some clues for those who are stumped. If you want to get some hints for today’s puzzle, keep reading. Otherwise, you may not want to scroll to the bottom of the article, as we’ll give the answer away to those who either want to avoid breaking their streak or simply are curious at the very end of the puzzle.

For those who somehow have missed out on the Wordle craze so far, the rules of the game are simple: players have six tries to guess a five letter word. Players receive clues based on which letters their guess shares with the correct word. A letter shaded in yellow means that letter also appears in the correct word, but in a different letter location. A letter shaded in green means that letter appears in the same spot in the correct word.

On average, it takes Wordle players about 4 tries to correctly guess a daily puzzle, although a few puzzles can be significantly trickier. As we noted before, words that end with the same sequence of four letters can be problematic, especially if it takes players a few guesses to get that word sequence. That’s what happened earlier this week with “WATCH,” as there are several other 5-letter words that also end with “ATCH.”

So – what’s the solution today’s Wordle puzzle – aka Wordle 273? Today’s Wordle puzzle is a bit tricky as it features another component that can trip some players up. The correct answer contains two of the same letter. Considering that players only have a total of 30 letter slots to figure out the puzzle, some players will either overlook the possibility that the word contains two of the same letter in favor of eliminating a letter with a guess.

It doesn’t help that there are at least four other words that share six letters in the same letter placement as the correct answer. One of those words is an obsolete one and can be easily eliminated, but players who take a while to get their letters in place might find themselves having one guess to decide between two words. There are also a whopping nine words that share the same three beginning letters as the correct answer, which could also prove to be problematic for players.

Today’s Wordle puzzle solution is…ALLOW.

Let us know if you got today’s Wordle puzzle in the comment section, and if you managed to match our score of getting it in three tries!


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