WWE 2K22's New Images Reveal Sasha Banks, The Rock, Becky Lynch, and More

By Matthew Aguilar
It’s been a big day for 2K, as the studio revealed the long-awaited cover star for WWE 2K22 in Rey Mysterio as well as a host of new details on the anticipated game. That included four different editions of the game that all include unique bonuses as well as the right around the corner release date of March 11th, though 2K decided to also share several new images of the game that give us our first real up-close look at WWE superstars like Sasha Banks, John Cena, Becky Lynch, and of course Rey Mysterio. We also got another new look at the My GM Mode feature, which shows a match being set up between Banks and Rhea Ripley. The My GM mode is probably one of the most anticipated features of the new game, and you can check out all of the new images starting on the next slide.
Being that he is the cover star of the game, Mysterio looks fantastic in his entrance pose, and Cena and The Rock’s likenesses seem to be spot on as well. Sasha has her trademark shades and Boss rings, and while her likeness seems to be stellar as well, perhaps even more impressive is all the small details and textures in her gear, especially the slight translucency in the lower part of the jacket against the lights behind her.
As for Becky, she is facing the crowd in the arena (and it looks like she’s about to face Bayley in the ring). While I’m not sure about the hair texture just yet, the details and wrinkles in the jacket are quite impressive as is the arena lighting around her.
You can check out all of the new images and the covers for the game starting on the next slide.
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