WWE Announces NXT Roadblock, First Title Match Teased

WWE NXT Vengeance Day is now in the books and the journey towards Stand & Deliver has begun. That’s where NXT Roadblock comes into play, as during tonight’s NXT WWE revealed the date for the last event before Stand & Deliver, and it will take place on March 7th. The event will be a special event-style episode of NXT as opposed to a premium live event, so it will air on the USA Network, and before tonight’s episode was over we even got a tease of what one of the marquee Championship matches will be.

Roadblock will be one of the best places to set stars up for Stand & Deliver, so if someone is going to lose or win a Title so that Title can be positioned for WrestleMania weekend, this could be a perfect event for that to happen. Nothing has been officially announced for Roadblock just yet, but after NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez teamed up with Meiko Satomura, Satomura made it clear she wants a shot at Perez’s Championship.

Perez said she would be honored, and she isn’t one to take back a verbal agreement like that, so the match is likely to happen. It remains to be seen where it happens though. Jinder Mahal will face Bron Breakker for the NXT Championship next week, and on paper, that’s an event-worthy match. Perez vs Satomura is definitely an event-level match, but if WWE wants to position someone else as the next major contender, at Roadblock this match could happen sooner.

With only a few weeks to go before Roadblock though, it seems like an easy match to hold for the event and just throw in a few twists to keep the match from happening before Roadblock. Perez is so early in her run as Champion that it’s hard to see the Title changing hands at Stand & Deliver, and especially beforehand, but as we learned when Perez won the Championship, things can change up quickly.

Perez’s Championship run seems safe for a while longer, though Breakker seems much closer to his reign as Champion. It’s doubtful he’ll lose to Mahal, but again, you never know, as we didn’t see Dolph Ziggler becoming NXT Champion previously, and he did just that after beating Breakker at last year’s Roadblock. The money match-up does seem to be Breakker vs Carmelo Hayes, so anything changing hands before then would be surprising but not impossible.

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