WWE: Charlotte Flair Retains SmackDown Title but Ronda Rousey Makes Her Pay

By Matthew Aguilar
First Sonya Deville came out with her arm in a sling and had some words for Ronda Rousey and Naomi, saying that it didn’t matter who you were, there would be consequences for their actions. “With that being said earlier today I petitioned management that Rousey be fined $100,000 and effective immediately she be suspended indefinitely.” Adam Pearce then came out and stopped Deville, and then said he knows she’s not checking her email and told her that management had responded to her petition, with Vince McMahon saying that she’s been abusing her power, and that her petition was declined, setting the stage for Naomi and Charlotte Flair’s title match later in the night on SmackDown.
Pearce would later say that Deville must face consequences for her actions and that she can’t lay a hand on Naomi at all during her match against Charlotte Flair. McMahon then said if she disobeys him, her job is in serious jeopardy.
Then Naomi came out to the ring all smiles, ready for her match against Charlotte Flair. Naomi then taunted Deville a bit, saying that Vince said she couldn’t lay a hand on Naomi, but never said she couldn’t lay a hand on Deville. Naomi slapped Deville and walked out of the ring, and Deville was reeling.
Later in the night it was finally time for Flair and Naomi to battle for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Early on Flair had the upper hand, but after some speedy offense, Naomi sent Flair reeling out of the ring. When we came back from break Naomi caught Flair off guard and almost pinned her, but Flair got up just in the nick of time. Then Flair slammed Naomi down to the mat from the top rope for a pin attempt, but Naomi kicked out.
Then Flair slammed Naomi’s face into the mat several times and then grounded her with a hold around her neck. Naomi hit a jawbreaker on Flair and went for a pin but Flair kicked out at two, and then went for a jackknife but Charlotte countered and then Naomi countered only to get hit with several chops. Flair then hit a backbreaker on Naomi and went for a pin but Naomi kicked out at two.
Naomi stunned Flair with a kick to the head, and then slammed Flair’s head down on the mat with a Blockbuster and went for a pin but Flair kicked out right before. Flair then slammed Naomi down hard into the steps to regain the advantage. Flair locked her in a submission but then Naomi got back on offense and hit a springboard kick into a pin attempt but Flair kicked out.
Naomi went up to but Flair dodged the kick and slammed Naomi down for a pin attempt but Naomi kicked out. Flair went for the moonsault but Naomi dodged and hooked her into a pin after the Rear View but Flair kicked out at the very last second. Naomi went for another move but Flair countered though Naomi kicked out of the pin. Then Naomi had Flair locked in again but Flair escaped. Naomi then had her in a pin once again but Flair kicked out much to the crowd’s dismay.
Naomi went up top for a splash and then covered Flair but again, Flair kicked out. She covered Flair again but Flair got her boot on the bottom rope. Flair pulled Naomi down not eh top rope and Naomi then responded with a flurry of punches. She hit a kick to the head and then went for the Rear View but Flair hit a chop block and then a Natural Selection, and that was what she needed to get the pin and the win.
Then Deville came back out to taunt Naomi and get in her face, and Naomi responded with punches and more. That drew Flair back in to defend her, and Deville then attacked Naomi, but Ronda Rousey came down and hit the ring, kicking Deville and then heading towards Flair but Deville pulled her out of the way in time. This seems to be setting up a tag match next week, but we’ll have to wait and see.
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