WWE Crowns a Shocking New NXT Champion at Roadblock

The main event of tonight’s WWE NXT Roadblock was the Triple Threat match for the NXT Championship between Champion Bron Breakker, Tommaso Ciampa, and Raw’s Dolph Ziggler, They all circled each other briefly but after a kick Ziggler rolled out of the ring. Ciampa then looked to team up with Breakker but he turned on him quickly and hit him from behind, with Ziggler running back in to pounce. Breakker slammed Ziggler into the turnbuckle and then Breakker went flying over Ciampa into the ropes. Ciampa hit a huge chop on Ziggler and then Breakker, and then Breakker hit a Spinbuster on Ziggler. Breakker then hit a double suplex on Ciampa and Ziggler.

Breuker had Ciampa up top but he got away and Breakker ended up coming down hard on the turnbuckle before being knocked out of the ring. Ciampa went for the Fairytale ending but Ziggler evaded and then got a big right hand to connect on Ziggler. Ziggler bought himself some space and hit a few punches but Ciampa returned with a clothesline and then a catapult into the top turnbuckle.

Ciampa then leaped over the ropes and knocked down Breakker on the outside. He then rolled Breakker in and followed suit with Ziggler, and then he hit Ziggler and Breakker with forearms before getting knocked down with a hard knee by Ziggler, though Breakker then cleared Ziggler and slammed him down.

Ciampa then cleared out Ziggler again and then slammed his head into the announcer’s table. Ciampa ate the steel steps though courtesy of Breakker, who then rolled him back into the ring.

Ciampa and Breakker both did some damage to Ziggler, causing him to roll to the floor. Then Breakker sent Ciampa flying in the air and coming down hard on his face. Breakker then locked in a submission right in the center of the ring, but Ziggler locked the same one on Breakker. Breakker had to let Ciampa go to deal with Ziggler, and he did by slamming Ziggler onto Ciampa backwards.

Ziggler and Breakker duked it out and Ciampa got involved with more punches and chops. Ciampa was on a role as he bounced between both but Breakker dropped Ciampa with a chop only to see himself cleared out by Ziggler. Ciampa dodged Ziggler and hit Breakker with a knee, but then Ziggler slammed Ciampa down and went for a pin only for Ciampa to kick out right at the last minute.

Ziggler was grabbed by Breakker but Ciampa hit a superkick, and then Ciampa went for Ziggler and brought him down on his knees, though Ziggler went to kick out of the pin. Breakker then speared into Ciampa, causing him to drop Ziggler, and Ziggler was shrugged off and speared as well.

Breakker picked up Ziggler and hit a Power Slam, but then Robert Roode pulled the referee out of the ring as Breakker was about to get the win. Breakker dealt with Roode and Ciampa was up and hit the Fairytale Ending on Breakker. Ziggler then moved in and cleared out Ciampa as Breakker kicked out of the pin. Ciampa then hit a knee to the face of Breakker, and hit Ciampa and that cleared the way for Ziggler to pin Ciampa and win the NXT Championship. Ziggler is now your NXT Champion.


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