WWE Fans Are Shocked and Confused by Reggie's Scrypts NXT Debut

After a long line of cryptic video teases, tonight was the night for the anticipated WWE NXT debut of Scrypts, and no one saw that reveal coming by a long shot. That’s because it turned out to be none other than former 24/7 Champion Reggie, who was last seen on Monday Night Raw. Now he has a new character named Scrypts, and WWE fans were definitely shocked, though they were also confused. That’s because after the mysterious video teases, the character that debuted isn’t really anything close to what those would indicate, so while people were in awe of Scrypts’ impressive in-ring maneuvers, they weren’t sure what to make of the character. You can find some of the reactions coming in starting on the next slide.

When Scrypts got in the ring with an awesome leap over the ropes people really put it together, and then he started dazzling with more moves in the ring and that sold it further. Fans picked up on that it was Reggie, and they would even start Reggie chants. Later in the night during another match they would rekindle those Reggie chants as well.

As for what’s next for Scrypts, you can probably expect another squash to put him over a bit more, though hopefully, it isn’t too long before NXT addresses his identity in a promo or in-ring segment. You can find the reactions flying in starting on the next slide, and let us know what you thought in the comments!

Is that Reggie?!?!?!?! #Scrypts #WWENXT

IF SCRYPS IS REGGIE I KNOW ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!@ShawnMichaels #WWENXT #JusticeForNashCarter#HitEmWithTheFire?????

Is “Scrypts” just Reggie in a mask?! ?????????? #WWENXT

Wait a sec ain’t that Reggie #WWENXT

Is that Reggie??? #WWENXT pic.twitter.com/oW5keDYrbV

The #WWENXT crowd has figured out who Scrypts is; it’s Reggie! #WWENXT

#WWENXT Vic, hear the crowd. They know it’s Reggie

I’m happy to see Reggie back but this has got to be a joke ? #WWENXT


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