WWE NXT's Cora Jade Pulls a Stone Cold and Won't Tap, Earns Natalya's Approval

WWE NXT’s main event brings together a Superstar and one of her biggest fans, though things have definitely soured between the two. I’m talking about SmackDown’s Natalya and NXT 2.0’s Cora Jade, who faced each other tonight to bring NXT to a close, and things got started as soon as the bell was rung. Natalya looked to get control but ended up dueling it out with counters until they faced each other down. Jade did some evading herself and returning some taunts, and then they exchanged evasions and holds until Jade managed to throw Natalya off her and seemingly impress the WWE Superstar.

Natalya and Jade traded holds again but Natalya hit a back elbow and then cut off a move only to get rolled up but she got away and then tried to roll up Jade, but that backfired as well. Natalya taunted a bit after a big kick but Jade threw Natalya off again and hit two forearms and then hit a hurricanrana. She then went for the Sharpshooter but Natalya got to the ropes and rolled out of the ring to break up the attempt.

Natalya locked in a hold once she got back in the ring and slowed things down a bit, and then stomped on Jade only to get rolled up again, but she kicked out. Then she clotheslined Jade and taunted her again, and she continued to deal out damage to Jade. This all led to lifting up Jade into a submission, but Jade got away and then hit a dropkick to Natalya’s chest. Jade then picked up Natalya but Natalya pushed her and then Jade hit a huge punch to the face. Jade tried to go through the legs but Natalya caught her only to get thrown by Jade.

Jade then hit another few punches and then bounced off the ropes for a slick slam and followed it up with a running knee to the face. Then she hit a Tornado DDT and went for a cover but Natalya kicked out. Jade went up top but Natalya caught her only to get knocked down by Jade. Jade went over Natalya but Natalya countered another move and went for the sharpshooter but Jade had it counted and got away. Natalya hit a huge clothesline on Jade and went for the cover but Jade kicked out.

The crowd was clearly in Jade’s favor at this point, and Natalya hit a flurry of strikes in the corner. Then she hit a mean suplex, crashing Jade against the turnbuckle and ropes. Natalya dragged Jade towards the center and focused on her leg. She picked her ups dn threw her into the turnbuckle and kept kicking her legs, and then she grabbed her leg and slammed it around the post. She then did it again, hurting Jade’s knee. Natalya folded Jade’s leg over her knee and damaged it more but then got kicked in the face by Jade, giving Jade a chance to get away.

Natalya got back in the ring and grabbed her but Jade rolled her up for an inside cradle, though Natalya kicked out. Jade evaded another move and hit a big kick to the face. She then stomped on Natalya’s back off the ropes and went for a cover but Natalya kicked out once more. Jade covered Natalya again but she kicked out. Jade went for another cover but Natalya countered and went for one of her own but she kicked out. Jade went for a sharpshooter and got it locked in, but Natalya powered out of it.

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Jade kicked Natalya in the face and went up top, but she was caught by Natalya and put in the sharpshooter. Jade resisted and crawled towards the ropes, but Natalya dragged her back to the center of the ring. She kept crawling towards the ropes but Natalya dragged her again and leaned into the move. After a while Jade then passed out, giving Natalya the win but not tapping out to Natalya. Natalya then started talking to Jade and reached out her hand and Jade accepted, and Natalya helped her up and hugged her, so it seems Jade won the approval of the WWE Superstar in the end.

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