WWE WrestleMania 38: Watch Drew McIntyre Cut Through Ring Ropes With Sword

Drew McIntyre has had quite the rivalry with Happy Corbin as of late, with things coming to a head for this year’s WrestleMania as the former WWE heavyweight champion was able to take down both Corbin and his ringside backup in Madcap Moss. Following McIntyre’s win, Drew took the opportunity to throw some fear Madcap’s way by cutting through a few of the ropes attached to the ring, which you can now see for yourselves as the biggest night of the year in wrestling continues.

McIntyre didn’t just accomplish the unexpected task of cutting through the ropes, he was also able to withstand the “End of Days”, being the first to do so as Happy Corbin has been able to use the finishing move to defeat a number of opponents over his career. While a belt wasn’t on the line for this match, McIntyre wasn’t afraid to lay everything on the line all the same as he was able to claim the victory after so many barbs had been thrown his way from the chucklehead duo.

The Official Twitter Account for WWE shared the surprising moment wherein McIntyre slashed through the ropes of the ring, proving that his sword is quite sharp following his use of the Claymore to defeat Happy Corbin in one of the first matches of WrestleMania this year:

?????????@MadcapMoss narrowly escaped @DMcIntyreWWE at #WrestleMania! pic.twitter.com/tecc5Tg2y8

What did you think of McIntyre’s use of his sword during this year’s WrestleMania? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of professional wrestling.

WrestleMania Saturday (April 2)

WrestleMania Sunday (April 3)


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