WWE's Carmelo Hayes Retains NXT North American Title in Thrilling Pete Dunne Match

The main event of tonight’s WWE NXT was a match for the North American Championship between Pete Dunne and Champion Carmelo Hayes. They circled each other and locked up, countering each other’s holds and trading control but after a dizzying array of slides and evasions Hayes clotheslined Dunne and knocked him to the ground. Dunne would return the favor with a clothesline of his own and then a kick to the back, and then Dunne went to work on Hayes’ arm and hand.

He kicked Hayes’ wrist and hand and then kicked him again before hitting Hayes with a chop to the chest. Then he followed him and gave a forearm to the chest but Hayes came right back with a charge of his own, and then they traded forearms and clotheslines on each other and both ended up sinking to the ground.

They traded shots again but then Dunne went for a suppler and slammed Hayes down on his back. Dunne then went to work on Hayes’ neck and shoulder, pulling his arm back. Hayes got some momentum back after an impressive move off the ropes and wore down Dunne, but Dunne would come back with another hold aimed to wear down Hayes’ neck and arm.

Dunne a submission from Hayes but Hayes came back with a kick to the head, though Dunne gave Hayes one of his own. Hayes then leaped over the ropes and slammed Dunne into the side of the ring, with Trick Williams delaying Dunne just a bit to clear Hayes some room.

Hayes followed it up with a pin attempt but Dunne kicked out. Hayes kicked Dunne several times and then knocked him down, and after a taunt, Hayes tried to wear Dunne down and then hit him with a punch to the face. More punches followed but then Dunne hit a massive punch and a kick, and then brought his knees down on Hayes elbow, but when he went for the fingers, Dunne dodged him and hit a punch to the head that knocked Hayes down. Dunne went for a pin but Hayes kicked out.

Dunne got rocked by a kick from Hayes and then Dunne escaped a move and kicked Hayes in the back. Then Hayes brought Dunne down in an impressive maneuver but Dunne still kicked out of the ensuing pin.

Dunne caught Hayes’ kick and went for an Ankle Lock and then Dunne kicked him hard in the chest, but Hayes went for a Scissor Kick and a pin, though Dunne kicked out. Dunne caught Hayes and hit the Bitter End, but Hayes rolled out of the way to buy him time. Dunne then bent back Hayes’ fingers and Hayes slammed Dunne’s neck into the ropes. Then Hayes locked in the CrossFace but Dunne grabbed Hayes’ fingers and broke the hold.

Dunne went for his Bitter End but Hayes countered again and went up top. Dunne caught him though with a punch but Trick Williams got involved. Dunne broke his fingers and then grabbed Hayes, but Hayes pushed Dunne down. Then Hayes connected with a kick to the back of the head and that was enough for the pin and the win. Hayes is still your NXT North American Champion.

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