WWE's Ricochet Retains Intercontinental Title in SmackDown Triple Threat Match

Ricochet set about defending his Intercontinental Championship from Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo in a Triple Threat Match, and right off the bat, Los Lotharios teamed up to break him down. Garza hit him first and then Carrillo started working on his arm and Garza delivered a brutal kick against the ropes. They slammed him into the corner but Ricochet showed signs of life, hitting both and knocking them both down and slamming them hard to the mat. He slammed into Garza and punched Carrillo, and then he went up top only to get dragged down by Carrillo.

They then got Ricochet locked in a hold in the center of the ring and sent him towards the ropes, but he fought back just a little until Carrillo knocked him down, but Ricochet kicked out of the pin. Garza looked pretty upset about this.

Then Garza tried to pin Ricochet too but Carrillo broke it up and the two partners got in each other’s faces. Carrillo was almost pinned by Ricochet but Garza broke it up, and then Carrillo tried to pin Garza.

Ricochet came flying in and knocked Carrillo down to the mat and then hit Garza with a dropkick. He then took out Carrillo’s legs from under him and went for the pin, but Garza flew in and broke it up just in time. Ricochet finally got a one-on-one scenario against Garza but Garza stopped him up top. Ricochet punched him and knocked him down and maintained his footing on the top rope, but Carrillo punched him and stopped him from leaping.

They were both perched up top and Ricochet looked like he had control, and he slammed Carrillo down onto Garza. Then he hit a 630 on Garza and then pinned Carrillo, and that got him the win. Ricochet is still your Intercontinental Champion. Now it remains to be seen if Ricochet will have another match at WrestleMania, though it would have to be made official today or early tomorrow since WrestleMania starts tomorrow night.

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