X-Men: A Member of the Quiet Council Is Stepping Down

A member of the X-Men’s Quiet Council is about to step down. The ruling body of Krakoa will get the spotlight in Immortal X-Men, one of the new titles launching in the Destiny of X era of the franchise. Writer Kieron Gillen and artist Lucas Werneck are the creative team on Immortal X-Men, which spins out of the events of Inferno, Jonathan Hickman’s swan song on the X-Men. Gillen has revealed new details on Immortal X-Men, including how Magneto, a founding member of the Quiet Council, will turn in resignation papers in the first issue of the new series.

“Now that I’m in the X-office, I do my meta bulls— and I describe Jonathan as Magneto and the X-office as his Brotherhood of Mutants trying to fight for a better way of comics existing,” Gillen told Entertainment Weekly. “Of course, my series starts off with Magneto leaving the Quiet Council. It’s not deliberately meta, that bit, but it certainly works.”

While Gillen didn’t give a reason why Magneto will look to leave the Quiet Council, he has been involved with a lot of drama surrounding the political group. He was the top suspect in the murder of Scarlet Witch at the Hellfire Gala in X-Men: Trial of Magneto. Also, Charles Xavier and Magneto’s machinations with Moira MacTaggert were finally brought to light in Inferno, with Destiny finally resurrected and Moira stripped of her mutant powers and banished from Krakoa.

As for who will replace Magneto on the Quiet Council, Gillen admits the story beats have a lot in common with HBO’s dark comedy series Succession.

“I like Machiavellian characters with plans,” Gillen said. “I hadn’t watched Succession when I started writing Immortal, but Succession has a lot of Immortal in it. I’d love to do an homage cover from behind Magneto’s chair.”

Gillen also discussed his plans for Destiny: “Immortal X-Men for me is this love story of two women across time. Saying that Destiny is Mystique’s moral compass is too simple, because that implies that morals are important. But she is the object Mystique orients herself around. That’s how I see it. She is of fundamental importance to Mystique, and vice versa.”

The “Destiny of X” kicks off once X Lives of Wolverine/X Deaths of Wolverine come to a close. Marvel released a “Destiny of X” trailer that also includes all-new artwork from Immortal X-Men, Legion of X, Knights of X, Marauders, X-Men, X-Men Red, New Mutants, X-Force, and Wolverine.

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