Xbox Celebrates Spider-Man Coming to its Console

Xbox is having a field day now that it’s getting Spider-Man in some form on its console. Over the last four years, Xbox gamers have been missing out on Spider-Man action. After the release of Activision’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on PS4, Marvel went around asking various teams if they’d be interested in taking on the web-slinger or other iconic heroes with new video games. Xbox was offered an exclusive deal with Marvel, but ultimately passed on it so that it could work on fleshing out its original first-party line-up. Of course, Sony went in and swooped up that deal and gave Insomniac Games the chance to make Spider-Man games. After selling over 30 million copies with just two games and receiving rave reviews, it has left Xbox fans longing for a Spider-Man game.

With the news that Spider-Man is joining the Midnight Suns roster, Xbox took to Twitter to boast about Spider-Man making his grand return to Xbox. Of course, this isn’t Marvel’s Spider-Man, but it is… a Spider-Man. And to sweeten the deal, the web-head in Midnight Suns is played by Yuri Lowenthal, who plays the character in the Insomniac games, but it’s not the same iteration of the here. It seems unlikely we’ll ever get a new Spider-Man game on Xbox outside of team up games like this, but Xbox seems to want to take wins wherever it can get them when it comes to Marvel heroes.

Spider-Man’s coming for a landing right on Xbox.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man is slated to come to PC in August and Miles Morales will arrive sometime later in the fall as well, so those without a PlayStation do have options for the beloved series. Sony has begun expanding its franchises to PC over the last few years, but it seems unlikely that will ever lead to the games arriving on Xbox, as much as that may bum some fans out to hear.

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