Xbox Series X Finally Gets Long-Awaited Basic Feature

By Tyler Fischer
There’s not much difference between the Xbox Series X and the PS5 hardware-wise, but the two consoles have very different UIs and a surprising number of differences in the features department. For example, the Xbox Series X has Quick Resume, an impressive “next-gen” feature that the PS5 is sorely missing. You’d assume with a feature like Quick Resume, the Xbox Series X would also have all of its basic features covered, but it doesn’t, though a recent update has begun the process of remedying this. 
Up until recently, the Xbox Series X had a pretty annoying audio issue. When you connect a headset to your PS4 or PS5 controller, it automatically mutes your TV because why would you want audio coming through your TV if you have headphones on. Now, there is the option to change this and have audio come through both, but the default is that when you connect headphones the TV audio is automatically muted. Up until very recently, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S didn’t do this, but this has changed, however, it’s still not the default setting. 
To make it the default setting you first need to hit the “Xbox” button to open the Xbox guide. From here, select settings, and then volume, audio output, and additional options in this order. After this, you can toggle the mute speaker audio when headset is attached option. And this will come in handy when you boot up Mass Effect 3 at 6 a.m. and wake the whole house up because you forgot to manually mute your TV after connecting your headphones.
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