XDefiant Players Met With Server Issues at Launch

XDefiant made its long-awaited debut this week so that people can actually play the game and stop debating about whether or not it’ll be a Call of Duty killer, but like many live-service, online games, it’s having some issues at launch. Namely, people who want to play it can’t actually do that in many cases right now seeing how the servers are taking a beating. The XDefiant team has acknowledged the issues and said the problems are being looked into, so more should be shared on the issues at some point today.

Again, this kind of launch problem is pretty common with games like XDefiant and happens to be more pronounced this time since there aren’t really any other games like XDefiant releasing this week, so everyone who’s been waiting to play probably flocked to the game and overwhelmed the servers. Whatever the case, the XDefiant team has already provided at least one update from the game’s socials which is a positive sign fore further communication moving forward.

“We’re aware that some players are unable to join a game- please bear with us while we look into servers and matchmaking!” the first update from the XDefiant X account said.

Another from XDefiant executive producer echoed those problems by saying “Matchmaking servers go boom!” and that the devs were working on the issue.

If you’ve shelved XDefiant in the past after it got hit with more than a few delays, just know that it’s a new game from Ubisoft that’s been compared to Call of Duty countless times in the past due to its arcade-y style of gameplay and the 6v6 setup with multiple FPS game modes that should look familiar to longtime players of that genre. The game was once more geared towards the Tom Clancy series but later adopted factions pulling inspiration from other Ubisoft games including The Division, the Ghost Recon games, Far Cry, and the Watch Dogs games.

XDefiant is currently in its preseason right now which includes five different game modes, 14 maps, and 24 weapons, so not a bad starting point at all for those who’ve been waiting. The loadout and weapon unlock system should also look pretty familiar to FPS players.

“In XDefiant, you get a primary weapon, a secondary weapon, and one device (like a mine or grenade) per loadout,” an overview of the system explained. “Primary weapon categories include Assault Rifle, Submachine gun (SMG), LMG, Marksman, Sniper Rifle, and Shotgun, while Pistols serve as the secondary weapons. Each category will have one gun unlocked at launch, while the rest can be earned through in-game challenges.”

XDefiant is out now on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC platforms with more updates on matchmaking to come soon, hopefully.


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