Young Rock Easter Egg Hints at WWE WrestleMania Match With Roman Reigns

For nearly three years, no one has been able to touch Roman Reigns. Even before he became the Tribal Chief in August 2020, Reigns had not been pinned since December 2019, when he took his last singles loss to King Corbin at WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs. Once he assumed his Head of the Table persona, Reigns dialed up the dominance to an 11 as he captured the WWE Universal Title at WWE Payback 2020 and never looked back. During this historic run, Reigns has successfully defended his title against WWE Hall of Famers Edge and Goldberg while also adding the WWE World Championship to his waist.

While Reigns is quite literally running out of opponents, there is one name that he has yet to conquer: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The Rock has not wrestled a legitimate match in nearly a decade, but his place in the Anoa’i family has led to many fantasy booking him to challenge Reigns not just for his championships, but his Head of the Table status. This dream match has been desired for years, and while it’s far from official, both parties seem keen on teasing it.

The latest hint comes in an episode of NBC’s Young Rock, which chronicles the life of Dwayne Johnson. The show spotlights Rock’s wrestling career throughout the late 20th century, but also has fictionalized future scenes that depict Rock’s presidential campaign. During one of those future scenes, Rock can be seen walking past a trophy case that includes accolades from his wrestling career. The top of the display features three world titles: the big eagle WWF Championship, the WWE Undisputed Championship, and the blue WWE Universal Championship. While Rock held those first two titles, he has never been WWE Universal Champion.

Hey, anyone else notice in #youngrock the championships on display? This takes place about a decade in the future. Notice future @TheRock has apparently held the current Universal Championship. ? @bfg728

Young Rock‘s future scenes are far from a guarantee of what will happen in the real world, but the inclusion of the WWE Universal Title is a blatant hint to Rock challenging Reigns for the blue strap. Beyond that, this isn’t the first time that the series has teased a match between Rock and Reigns.

In a previous episode, a toddler version of Reigns attempts to tussle with Rock during an Anoa’i family gathering.

“Come on Dewey, let’s wrestle!” Reigns tells his older cousin.

“No, the world is not ready!” Rock responds. “A match that big can happen only at WrestleMania.”

Rock vs. Reigns is heavily-rumored to take place at WWE WrestleMania 39 next April, with recent reports suggesting that WWE has discussed cementing the match at WWE Royal Rumble next month.


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