Zereva: out-of-this-world expansion action

Aboard an alien starship in deep space, a mysterious woman waits in a holding cell, apparently helpless. Little do her captors know that they’ve managed to imprison someone far more powerful and dangerous than they imagine. This is the opening of Zereva, the new breast-expansion story from writer Bob Saget and artist J. J. McQuade.

A lot of breast-expansion stories focus on the idea of an ordinary woman who finds herself suddenly struck by an inexplicably inflating chest. That isn’t the case in this story, however: our heroine (well, possibly our heroine — whether she’s hero or villain is yet to be explored) seems to be in full control of her expanding bust. In fact, the growth seems to give her some kind of psychic power. As she expands, she can emit a kind of hypnotic field that controls the minds of her jailers — or maybe that’s just meant to be the natural effect that happens when people see her busting out of her skintight spacesuit. In addition to her hypnotic field, Zereva seems to be able to read the minds of people she makes contact with. Only certain kinds of contact, mind you — she seems to read people and objects through her breasts.

If you’ve noticed a lot of “seems” and “appears” in the description, that’s because the first issue leaves a lot of questions unanswered about its story and heroine. No doubt we’ll find out more as the story unfolds, but for know she’s something of a mystery, and clearly that’s intentional. We also don’t know much about her captors — the soldiers all look a little bit similar to one another, which isn’t something you normally see in J. J. McQuade’s art, so it must be intentional. What the first issue lacks in detail, though, it makes up for in action. There’s plenty of weird psychic powers, out-of-control breast expansion, rough sex and savage combat packed into a few pages.

A series like Zereva takes some time to give up the secrets of its plot and characters, but it’s nice to see that it doesn’t skimp on anything else — except maybe fabric for the lead character’s outfit. These action-packed pages hint not only at mysteries to be revealed later, but also at future installments filled with battle, space adventure and psychic breasts. And isn’t that what we all never knew we wanted until we heard of it?

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