Attack On Titan Season 4 Reveals The Mysterious "Paths"

By Evan Valentine
The final season of Attack On Titan has seen plenty of casualties take place as the nation of Marley and the soldiers of the Scout Regiment clash for the last time, but it has also gone a long way in revealing plenty of secrets. With the latest episode of the anime series seeing Eren’s head stricken from his shoulders, both himself and his brother Zeke managed to make contact which transported them to a mysterious new locale which house beams of light known as “The Paths,”   
Warning. This explanation of the Paths will go into some slight spoiler territory so if you aren’t caught up with Attack On Titan’s anime, you might want to steer clear.
Ymir is the little girl that kicked off the power of the Titans, having discovered the ability to transform into the large behemoth and remaining in the realm of the “Paths” hundreds of years following her transformation into the Founding Titan. With this power placing the Eldian race into a position of authority over the nation of Marley and its residents, along with the residents of the world as a whole, the citizens of the world have been dealing with the back and forth conflict for generations, while also having to deal with the terrifying behemoths.
Now that the majority of the Eldians are trapped on the island of Paradis, the fourth season has seen things change drastically, as the Scout Regiment has discovered the secrets of their world and Eren has launched a full-scale attack against the Marleyian people. Now that Eren and Zeke are in front of Ymir, it seems that their paths have diverged significantly, with the youngest Jaeger revealing that he doesn’t want to sterilize his race to end the power of the Titans but has a different, and perhaps far darker, plan in mind. 
The final season of Attack On Titan has been anything but predictable, tossing numerous curveballs at viewers, and now that the Paths have been introduced and the Jaeger siblings are face to face with Ymir, expect even more surprises to arise in this second half of the last salvo.
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