Bridge Constructor Heads to Tabletop

The popular mobile game Bridge Constructor is getting a tabletop board game. Announced earlier this week, Bridge Constructor: Breaking Point is a new board game that features players trying to build bridges with less-than-reliable material. The game will combine tile placement, hand management, and press-your-luck mechanics as players try to construct a sturdy-enough bridge and get the most vehicles across before time runs out. The game will be published by Maestro Media, the maker of The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls. The game will launch via a Kickstarter in September, with a retail release also planned.

Bridge Constructor is a popular video game that, as its name suggests, is all about constructing bridges. The game first rose to popularity in 2014 thanks to a viral Reddit post, leading to it reaching the top spot on the Apple App Store’s best-selling chart. Publisher Headup Games has released multiple versions of Bridge Constructor, with recent releases crossing over with Portal and The Walking Dead.

In a press release announcing the game, Maestro Media explained why they were taking the game to Kickstarter. “With Bridge Constructor being such a creative and inventive concept, there’s endless possibilities for game mechanics and a plethora of other aspects of play, and we wanted to find a way to explore all these areas,” said Javon Frazier, Maestro Media’s chief executive officer and founder, in the press release. “We’re using Kickstarter as a way to work with the fans of the original game to make the tabletop version the version they want to play and incorporating their ideas into the final product. From our experience, crowdfunding is the perfect method to do just that.”

Bridge Constructor: Breaking Point was designed by Jeb Havens, the maker of the Critical Role-themed game Uka’toa.

Expect to hear more details about the game in the coming months.


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