Netflix Users Surprised With Remaster of Highly-Rated PlayStation Game for Free

Netflix subscribers have been surprised with a new free game. A new game has been released and it’s exclusive to Netflix subscribers. And if you have a Netflix subscription, it’s free. In addition to this, there are no ads, no in-game purchases, nor any additional fees. There are zero strings attached and the only requirement is you have a Netflix subscription and either an iOS or Android device that can play it.

The game in question is dubbed Shatter Remastered, “a retro-inspired brick-breaking game that combines classic action with unique twists and incredible boss battles. The game’s official description continues: “Widely accepted as the game that redefined the brick-breaking genre, Shatter Remastered features dozens of unique levels packed with amazing physics, power-ups and special attacks. Easy to learn but hard to master.”

Is this new free Netflix game any good? Hard to say. On the Google Play Store, it has mixed reviews, meanwhile, on the App Store it has a 4.4 out of 5 rating, but this is only across seven reviews. What we can say is that the original game that this is a remaster of, is good, or at least that’s what its 86 on Metacritic suggests. As the name suggests, this is a remaster of a game called Shatter that debuted back in 2009 as a PSN and PS3 exclusive.

At the moment of publishing, there’s no word of this game being made available beyond a Netflix subscription. And given that the App Store lists the “seller” as Netflix, it’s unlikely this will change. And if this restriction is lifted at some point, the free download would likely be replaced with an upfront payment or the game would be monetized with in-game purchases and/or ads.

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