Bright lights, big … er … thrills: Changing and Growing in Las Vegas

If you’ve ever lived in a small town or had fantasies of stardom, chances are you’ve considered it at least once: just dropping everything and heading in Las Vegas to see your name in lights. That’s exactly what punky misfit Azusa does in Changing and Growing in Las Vegas, leaving her conservative family behind to stay with her high-school bestie and pursue her dream of being a showgirl.

Of course, Changing and Growing is a little different from the traditional Vegas showbiz tale. Most would-be stars don’t have a best friend as curvy as Azusa’s host Meg, and most strippers don’t wind up in a heated rivalry with a buxom porn queen on their first night on the job. With attention-hungry bombshell Bonnie in the way, how will Azusa ever achieve stardom and kickstart her romance with aspiring magician Eiji?

If you guessed “great big boobs,” I’m assuming this isn’t your first story by regular Malenkaya.

But when Azu tries out an experimental drug in hopes that it’ll give her the bust she needs to compete with her rival, she gets more than she bargained for — not only the ability to expand her chest and backside, but the ability to shift her body into any shape she likes. As a true geek, she naturally starts out with video game characters like Mai Shiranui, Chun-Li and Morrigan.

But if Azu thinks that a dramatic “strip-off” against Bonnie will settle the problem, she’s got another think coming. If Azu can turn her body into a living fantasy, why not Bonnie? Meanwhile, Azusa is learning that her newfound abilities come with some unpredictable side effects …

Peter Logan’s art is perfectly suited for this story’s blend of sex and humor; there’s a life and vibrance to Logan’s women, with their big smiles and curvy bodies, that gives every striptease and shower scene a sense of irrepressible fun. It’s especially enjoyable to see Logan’s rendition of beloved video game characters like Tifa — and what breast lover doesn’t appreciate an appearance by R. Mika?

This is a move in Street Fighter V. Not a porn parody, the actual game. It’s a crazy world we live in.

One of the great things about a weird story like this one is that the creators can explore a truly bonkers concept and just see where it leads. It isn’t just the usual porn-comic structure that leads from innocent beginning to sweat-drenched boob fight; it peeks its head into loads of strange situations along the way. There are sweat-drenched boob fights, of course, but there’s more: this is a story that’s unafraid to follow its weird premise wherever it happens to go.

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