Hero for the Holidays: The Most Festive Superheroes

Christmas is fast approaching, and that means wrapping presents, trimming the tree and decorating. If you’re looking to fly your geek flag over the holidays — or do something special for the superhero fan in your family — there are lots of ways to add a colourful comics touch to your Yuletide. But which superheroes go well with your holiday decor?

The tricky thing about fitting a superhero into your Christmas decorations is that most superhero costumes are red, white and blue or red, white and gold. Captain America, Spider-Man, Superman, Wonder Woman, Thor … the really big names tend to introduce a blue element that’s going to clash with most holiday colour schemes. The warm reds and golds of most Iron Man suits do look nice on a tree; ol’ Shellhead’s basically a Christmas bauble with repulsor blasters.

If you want to feature a superhero reference that only the diehards are going to get, try the original Wonder Man. Introduced in 1964’s Avengers #9, Wonder Man first appeared in a bold red-and-green costume affectionately referred to by fans as “the Christmas Tree” outfit. Despite (or perhaps because of) this eye-aching ensemble, the character Stan Lee claimed was “destined to become one of the most provocative, exciting, talked-about new characters of the year” never really caught on; he didn’t achieve his current status as the Avenger no one really cares about until the late 1970s.


You’ll find more Christmassy costumes among Canadian super-team Alpha Flight. Various team leaders have sported patriotic red-and-white costumes, and as an added bonus there’s kind of a wintry feel to the whole team, from Arctic-animal-shapeshifter Snowbird to big hairy fellow Sasquatch. Weird fish-alien Marrina might not exactly give off Yuletide cheer, but overall they’re a good wintry choice.


Over on the DC side, there’s a similar shortage of good red-and-white characters. Perhaps the standout is former Soviet power-armoured hero Rocket Red. There were many Rocket Reds (Rockets Red?) but the standout for holiday purposes is Justice League member Dmitri Pushkin, if only because he was a cheerful, jolly sort of fellow with a big beard, the perfect character from some kind of atheist … alien … robot … Christmas.


Hey, don’t complain; your only real DC alternative in red and white is Deadman, and that guy is no fun at Christmas; the only way he could even come to Christmas dinner would be by possessing Grandma. He does make a nice ornament, though.

I'm still mad that they toned down his collar.
I’m still mad that they toned down his collar.

Honestly, though, the best superhero for your Christmas celebrations is the guy who’s taken on Darkseid and Doctor Doom, earned himself a membership in the JLA and helped She-Hulk catch a serial killer. I’m talking about this guy:


It doesn’t get any more super than that.

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