BVS Ultimate Cut Is A Treat For Fans Of The Original

On Monday I got some awesome news from a good friend of mine who is a fellow comic nerd like myself hearing that he had won the passes to the early screening of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice: Ultimate Edition prior to its June 28th Digital release… Being a massive fan of the Theatrical cut I had no hesitation in taking up the offer of heading with him to enjoy the film in a theater setting! So after getting to the theater, I was greeted with a  couple of awesome surprises such as free goodies and the fact that this would be my first film in AMC Prime. The goodies included hero selfie props (Choices of Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman), a Dolby Atmos Flashdrive with short videos of promos and a small interview with Zack Snyder, and a set of four pins. After grabbing the goodies I headed to the theater where I sat down and eagerly awaited this experience…


For starters, I am a MASSIVE Superman fan. There is no hiding that and I felt as much as I loved the film to death, what it lacked in was scenes involving the Daily Planet and more Clark Kent/Superman involved sequences. This edition of the film literally took on the classic feel of who Clark Kent should be in the bullpen. Perry was making fun of him, Clark acted passive, Lois interacted silently with him to not give too much away, Clark was on the streets in a very reporter-like way.. It just gave me even more Clark to go along with the awesome Superman scenes we had which just gave us more of a reason to root for Clark and understand his battle internal and external.


A lot of the other sites are talking about how the plot holes fill up and they’re absolutely right so I wont beat the dead horse with that one but I will bring up a massive point as seeing throughout this version it seemed like the heroes had more reasons to want to fight each other. This is a very important point to me and I know to a lot of others because if you’re like me you want the good guys to fight the bad guys like its always been and when the two good guys are fighting it just doesn’t feel right. It seemed like there was definitely more of a buildup of both heroes rage to eventually turn into a battle which I feel is what made it more successful for more fans to like.


Now, I think an interesting two points that stuck out to me ironically was two characters one that was harshly criticized and the other that was the most well received part of the entire film.. Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor. Now, it’s no secret that Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor is way different than the one we are used to (personality wise) but all in all we see more and more that deep down he is still sinister and evil as the character always was, therefore making him a different exterior actually made me curious and I believe there is still a huge opening for him to change into the Lex everyone knows hence the scene where his hair is shaved off with the removal of the rag revealing a new Lex. The new Lex scenes aren’t very noticeable unless you really were paying very close attention or cared a lot for the character, but I believe they were there to expose the audience to this young and stupid Lex as much as possible to see his full transformation come Justice League in 2017 and I think it was taken out because Zack Snyder had to meet a certain running time and felt this was the least important thing for viewers to take in.


So, Now touching on the subject of Wonder Woman feeling as if now we had even more of a reason for her being there. As if I haven’t said it enough I really am in love with both versions of this film it is currently at my favorite superhero flick this year so far and might stay there! Wonder Woman is a character that has been highly anticipated for an on-screen appearance for awhile and the small amount of extra Diana Prince scenes and Wonder Woman action scenes give the fans something more while balancing it perfectly being sure not to take the spotlight away from the matter at hand with Batman & Superman. We had the full trinity on screen and that was exciting and I feel it just gave us the perfect amount of Wonder Woman we needed for the taste of the future.


All in all, these are just a few important thoughts I felt about the Ultimate Edition that just made the film even more enjoyable, its very rare in the comic cinema world that we get to see a directors cut come out. Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition is now available digitally.


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