Danny Rand, the Final Defender Arrives in Latest Trailer for Iron Fist

Following the success of the Netflix series Luke Cage, Power Man’s Hero for Hire partner Iron Fist is on his way in the last solo series before the whole team meets up in The Defenders. The biggest missing piece of the Marvel Netflix Universe puzzle, Danny Rand aka Iron Fist will likely connect the dots from Daredevil and The Hand to the Luke Cage, Jessica Jones side of the New York City underworld. But before we get into the details, let’s look at the origin of Iron Fist.

The (abridged) Origin of Iron Fist

Danny Rand was created by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane in 1975 and first appeared in Marvel Premier #15. The son of ultra-wealthy Rand Corporation founder Wendell Rand and socialite Heather Duncan, Danny’s transformation to Iron Fist begins while on a trek through the snow covered mountains of Tibet looking for the mystical city of K’un-Lun with his parents and his dad’s business partner, Harold Meachum.

While on the journey, Meachum seizes an opportunity to kill Wendell and confess his love for Heather, but when she rejects him, he leaves her and Danny alone in the mountains with no way home. When the pair are attacked by wolves, Heather gets killed, and the young, lost Danny is taken into K’un-Lun. While there, he becomes a kung fu masters, earns the title of iron fist, then returns to New York where he seeks revenge on Meachum and defends the world against The Hand.

In this season…

The trailers for the show seem to set up the origin a bit different, but not much. Instead of his dad falling off a cliff, it looks like his parents die in a plane crash, which may or may not have been caused by Meachum. After the crash, it looks like Danny is found by monks, possibly from K’un-Lun, and they take him in, train him, then send him (barefoot) back to New York City.

In the trailer, there are also glimpses of some recognizable staples of the Marvel Netflix Universe, including Madame Gao and a crazy hallway fight scene. The trailer also shows some new faces, potentially the Bride of Nine Spiders and Colleen Wing, which was hinted at in the last episode of Luke Cage when Claire Temple takes a phone number from a flyer for martial arts classes by Sensei Colleen Wing.

What are your thoughts on the Iron Fist trailers? What are you most looking forward to seeing in the series? Let us know in the comments section.

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