Deep Rock Galactic Update Adds Seasonal Content Toggle, Full Patch Notes

Over the years, Deep Rock Galactic has become one of the more popular PC games with a dedicated community that’s always hopping back in to dig a little deeper. One of the reasons that the community sticks with Deep Rock is that its developer Ghost Ship Games continually adds new content to the game. The latest patch is the November Maintenance Update, which features a quality-of-life improvement that players have been asking about for quite a while. With this update, you’ll now be able to toggle seasonal content, which means you’ll be able to turn off Deep Rock Galactic‘s season events at your convenience.

Ghost Ship has also added a new weapon maintenance reward system that lets you track your XP with each gun. Once different guns accrue enough XP, you’ll earn new paint jobs. On top of the new features, Deep Rock Galactic has also gotten several tweaks to enemies and weapons, as well as a host of bug fixes and quality-of-life changes.

Below, you’ll find a full list of the November Maintenance Update patch notes. Deep Rock Galactic is available now on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms.

The November Maintenance Update is now LIVE on Steam, Miners! Consoles will follow in two weeks! See what’s in it on the link below.

Hello Miners,

The November Maintenance Update is here! If you haven’t already seen the trailer, it’ll give you a good overview of everything that’s coming in this update (formally known as Patch S04.10). We’ll post that here, and you’ll find the full patch notes and all the details down below.

We’ve added the ability to opt out of Season content, for those of you that want to put your game into a ‘season neutral’ state.

To unlock this ability, you need to reach level 100 in the Performance Pass, and claim the level 100 reward. After you do that, a check box option will become available in the Season Terminal interface.

If you uncheck that box, here’s what happens:

Put simply, this option makes all Lithophage-related content as common as the Rival content currently is in the game. Doing this will also make it harder to obtain Plague Hearts and complete some Season Challenges, as these depend on Lithophage enemies and infestations. Keep in mind that when joining a lobby, it’s the host’s own season toggle setting that will apply to the session.

This function is completely optional, and you can always turn it on or off whenever you like. We plan on keeping this feature for all future seasons.

You’ll find a new tab in your Season Terminal: the Weapon Maintenance section. This is a bit of new content, meant to track and reward proficiency with the weapons in the DRG arsenal.

The Weapon Maintenance screen tracks your experience with each gun in the game. Once you earn enough XP with a specific weapon equipped (counting toward both your primary and secondary in any mission), you’ll unlock exclusive paint jobs for that gun!

We’re starting with four paintjobs to unlock, one for each season we’ve done so far.
These new Weapon Mastery color schemes are:

This is going to be a seasonal feature, so with every new season in the future, there’ll be a special paintjob you can earn for every weapon. And these are never going to be season-locked – so you can always earn them for every gun, even if you don’t manage it before the next season rolls around.

Rockpox boils:
– Reduced the infection range when popping a boil
– Fixed the infection not stacking properly when popping multiple boils at once

– Reduced the amount of infection from popping a single boil

Rockpox infection buildup:
– Shortened the delay before infection levels begin to drop
– Increased the infection reduction rate
– Reduced the time it takes to break out when being held by Rockpox
– Fixed the post-breakout infection immunity window not working properly
– Made the player infection buildup stop faster when players leave the source
– Fixed a bug that caused Rockpox buildup to never end
– Fixed a bug that caused Rockpox Exploders to not be feared by Litho-Foam

– Fixed players taking an extra tick of damage from the Rockpox immediately after breaking out

Rockpox Corruptor:
– Improved the visibility of the stomp attack ‘tell’ particles
– Made it so that the spike attack ‘tell’ now shows the direction of attack
– Reduced the max movement speed
– Improved health bar damage feedback when hitting the vulnerable parts

– Improved the Septic Spreader’s shot prediction, so it hits ceilings and other obstructions less often
– You can now shoot the Septic Spreader’s projectiles out of the air
– Converted some of the Mactera Frost Bomber’s snowball projectile damage to ice damage

– Made the Glyphid Frost Praetorian do a little bit of damage with its ice breath attack

– Increased the cooldown of the grab attack slightly
– Added a significant cooldown after a successful grab attack
– Reduced the range of the grab attack
– Tweaked the base HP and added multiple damage weaknesses and resistances to improve breakpoints
– Removed health scaling by player count
– Fixed its horns not blocking damage
– Improved the collision on the “mouth” weak point, making it easier to hit
– Made the glowy armor bits glow more to improve visibility

– Tweaked the spawn values to prevent too many of them at once

New electrocution mechanics:
We updated the electrocution system to use the newer slowdown method, which allows enemies like the Dreadnoughts or Oppressor (who previously resisted electrocution completely) to instead partially resist and reduce the slowdown effect of electrocution while still taking damage from the DoT effect. In short, you can now electrocute these enemies. Zap!

As always, any removed upgrades will have their cost automatically refunded. This also applies to the Necro-Thermal Catalyst upgrade for the Coil Gun, as we had to completely rebuild it.

Breach Cutter High Voltage Crossover OC:

– Extended the duration of the electrocution effect from 4s to 5s

Breach Cutter Roll Control OC:
– Significantly increased the spin rate
– Added a lifetime bonus
– Projectile can now be steered while holding down the trigger

– Releasing the trigger no longer stops rotation, just releases steering control

Boomstick Shaped Shells OC:
– Further tightened up the horizontal spread so now the grouping is symmetrical

– The crosshair now changes with this OC to reflect the spread change

LOK-1 Smart Rifle (base weapon traits):
– Fixed the input buffer not working properly when shooting manually

– Reduced the manual rate of fire of the LOK-1 now that it has a functioning input buffer, as the original value was high to compensate for the inconsistent firing.

ArmsKore Coil Gun (base weapon traits):
– Removed all randomness from the trail damage to get more consistency
– Increased the bonus radius of the T5 Dilated Injector upgrade from +0.5 to +1
– Made it so the base trail DoT effect can now stack
– Increased the maximum damage bonus from Overcharger from 32 to 100
– Added a damage bonus vs. burning targets on the T5 Necro Thermal Catalyst upgrade
– Increased the explosion radius of the T5 Necro Thermal Catalyst upgrade from 400 to 600 while reducing the damage from 140 to 80, and changed it to pure fire damage to better set enemies on fire and chain the effect
– Replaced the T2 reload speed upgrade with the T1 recharge speed upgrade, and moved some of the reload speed bonus to the base weapon

– Replaced the T1 charge speed upgrade with a new trail duration upgrade

Coil Gun Hellfire OC:

– Removed the trail width bonus

Coil Gun Triple Tech OC:

– Increased the damage dealt by the secondary shots from 0.5 to 0.75 (did not increase shot cost)

Coil Gun Backfeeding Module OC:

– Replaced the damage penalty with a trail duration penalty

“Stubby” Voltaic SMG (base weapon traits):
– Reduced the base recoil slightly
– Reduced the bonus of the T2 recoil upgrade
– Increased the bonuses of the two damage upgrades
– Slightly reduced the bonus of the Hollow-Point Bullets upgrade
– Slightly reduced the bonus of the Conductive Bullets upgrade
– Added an armor breaking upgrade to T4
– Added an accuracy upgrade to T5

– Slightly reduced the accuracy penalty when walking and sprinting

SMG Turret EM Discharge OC:
– Removed friendly damage entirely
– Removed damage falloff

– Added a range indicator (visible only to player with the OC) that appears around every turret when the SMG is equipped

SMG Turret Arc OC:
– Significantly reduced the rate of friendly fire damage
– Completely removed the friendly fire from the AoE electrocution effect around any turret affected by Turret Arc
– Updated Turret Arc particles to better match the actual AoE radius
– Slightly increased the trigger size for the electric arc
– Added a short tail to the DoT to do a bit more damage to enemies that manage to quickly go through the arc
– Added a visual arc range indicator when placing turrets (only if you have the OC equipped)

– Added equipment loadout slot icons, so you can now use the mission type icons as a loadout icon
– Added more light reflection to the walls of Azure Weald and Hollow Bough to make it a little easier to see what’s going on
– Merch menu: New URL to the board game expansion entry (now links to the backer kit instead of the now-inactive Kickstarter page)
– Info landing screen: removed link to board game merch
– You can no longer activate the Jetty Boots Arcade in the Space Rig while holding an item
– Added Bloom and Lens Flare settings in the graphics options (you’re welcome, J.J. Abrams)
– Added a Weapon Sway slider in the accessibility options
– Added a “Hold to Breakout” toggle in the accessibility options, for simpler Rockpox escapes
– Changed the trigger shape of all enemy-produced “puddles” (such as from Goo Bombers and Septic Spreaders) to better match the graphics and to make it easier to cover them with Engineer’s platforms.

– Fixed not being able to grab Gunk Seeds while in the air (this was 98% of the whole update)
– Made it so the Full Fluffy beard no longer erases your sideburns
– Fixed a bug that caused Proximity Mines to put the player into a different character state when they pick them up
– Fixed that the +1 Satchel Charge upgrades did not work
– Sentry Gun ammo count now rounds up when resupplied
– Fixed issue with Driller not getting full Satchel Charges with resupplies
– Fixed beers getting a refill if you enter 3rd person (company policy is no free refills)
– Fixed a bug that caused Rockpox immunity after being knocked out
– Fixed a bug that caused a fizz sound to linger in empty beer mugs
– Fixed a bug that caused clients to get the promotion voice line when the host reached level 25
– Fixed incorrect Mission Control voicelines on Salvage Operations
– Fixed throwable items on the Space Rig (like snowballs) getting stuck in the carry animation if you threw them right before you entered 3rd person
– Fixed M1000 focus shot status effects not being applied to certain targets (e.g. Loot Bugs)
– Fixed Gamma Contamination (Wave Cooker OC) not working if you hit armor
– Fixed Mission Control shouting the wrong voice line when all pipelines are constructed
– Fixed a visual bug that made it look like the Dreadnought Twins could twin-heal with the Unknown Horror
– Fixed Q’ronar Shellback + Younglings briefly going into their reference pose (T-pose) when killed by fire, corrosive, Wave Cooker, or chemical explosion (from the Boltshark) before dying
– Fixed Hiveguard continuing its behavior after death
– Added a failsafe so that Fuel Cells dropping on top of the Uplink won’t softlock the game
– Fixed a bug that made it so Salvage Mission fuel lines and Rock Cracker cables could be “split” or broken, which caused a softlock of the mission
– Fixed that the dwarves’ thick, magnificent necks were clipping through the Shock Trooper and Tech Trooper helmets
– Added a safety timer that will force the Hiveguard to spawn the Sentinels after a certain time has passed
– Fixed 5th Anniversary hat getting the color of the last hat you equipped
– Potential fix for Boltshark’s ammo being weird in Deep Dives (hopefully not weird now)
– Potential fix for ammo not transferring between levels in Deep Dive (for turrets, shield, Satchel Charge and Boltshark bolts)
– Also tried to fix the Boltshark getting stuck in a state where it can’t reload on 2nd level of Deep Dives
– Fixed Lederhosen first-person hands/gloves not looking right (now they’re Betterhosen)
– Reduced the range a Rock Cracker pod needs from another one, and improved fail-safe if the pods can’t spawn
– Fixed Wave Cooker not properly gaining heat when spam-clicking
– Flare Gun’s flare sound now properly fades away when the flare burns out
– Clients now always see the same Mission Map as the host
– Fixed lingering ambient audio after leaving Deep Dive Terminal
– Fixed a bug where the Terrain Scanner would not get unequipped when the player stopped holding the button
– Fixed an equivalent bug for the Laser Pointer
– Fixed an issue for both the Laser Pointer and the Terrain Scanner when trying to use these items while holding something else
– Fixed bug where Boltshark bolts would stick to player when having the Bodkin Points OC equipped
– Added entry to Miner’s Manual for the Jetty Boot arcade game
– Slightly reduced the chance of the smol meteor event
– Fixed a bug where the Terrain Scanner would slide off the screen without the player releasing the button on high latency clients
– Changed the Terrain Scanner slide-on-screen animation so it no longer resets every time the player releases and holds the button
– Fixed an animation bug that caused the dwarf to move the weapon towards the center of the screen while walking, and view bobbing was not at maximum setting
– Improved EMP discharge indicator flow
– Fixed Cave Leeches’ hissing being too low quiet
– Fixed issue where Boltshark bolts that are shot at other projectiles get stuck in midair
– Sentry Turrets now turn off range indicators when dismantling themselves
– Tweaked escape menu to better fit non-English languages
– Fixed issue with perk equipper layout being weird in the Equipment Terminal
– Fixed issue where accuracy penalties when moving and sprinting were not always being applied


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