Rick and Morty's New Voice Actors Break Silence on Joining the Series

Rick and Morty made some massive changes behind the scenes as Adult Swim parted ways with co-creator and voice of the titular two characters, Justin Roiland, and the new voice actors for the characters have finally broken their silence on joining the series! Although it was largely kept a secret from fans until Rick and Morty Season 7 premiered its first episode, reactions to the new stars have been positive as fans have not noticed a major difference. This was the intent of those behind the scenes, and now the new voice actors can finally open up about joining Rick and Morty.

It was announced when Rick and Morty Season 7 began that Ian Cardoni would be the new voice of Rick Sanchez, and Harry Belden would be the new voice of Morty Smith, and the two stars opened up about joining the series in new interview with The Hollywood Reporter where they shared their reactions to first learning they were joining the series, “It’s been super surreal waking up every day,” Belden says. “For the first month [after landing the role], I genuinely kept asking my girlfriend if that had really happened, if I was indeed the new Morty,” Belden began.

Continuing further, Belden stated, “So, to keep having that realization that, ‘Yes, this is real, that you are playing a character you’ve watched and loved for years and been a huge fan of,’ is indescribable, and brings such joy.” When it was first announced that Adult Swim was looking for replacements, the two jumped at the chance, “‘I got to jump on this.'” Belden explained. “I emailed my agent and said, ‘If you got any requests for this Rick and Morty thing, I do a decent Rick and Morty, so I’d love to be considered and to send them my stuff.'”

Cardoni felt the same, revealing that he also had some impressions ready, “I already had an impression reel that I had given to my managers that included Rick and Morty voices. But as Harry mentioned, it was, ‘Wow, this could be a big opportunity, I think I could do these voices.'” Upon getting the role, Cardoni was elated, “I remember getting the call from my agents, and my wife was there, thankfully, to make sure I didn’t fall over. It was a thrilling moment, a dream come true as an actor and as a fan.”

It was the same for Belden, “This is a literal dream come true — like I’m pretty sure I had this dream at one point in my life [to do this show]. My agents actually tricked me. They said, ‘We have this weird project, can you Zoom with us?’ I’ve been with them for six years, and they’ve never once wanted to Zoom with me. I told my girlfriend, and she kind of had an inkling of what was going on and was eavesdropping on the Zoom. As soon as they told me, my girlfriend was completely sobbing. Then seeing her crying was like, ‘Oh, this is real, I heard them correctly.'”

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