Don Callis Tricks Fans With Fake Kenny Omega Return During AEW Revolution Buy-In

Don Callis had fans inside Orlando’s Addition Financial Arena thinking that Kenny Omega was returning from injury during the Buy-In for Sunday night’s Revolution pay-per-view. Following the show-opener, Tony Schiavone welcomed a guest out to the ring for an interview and Omega’s music hit, only for Callis to walk out instead. He proceeded to cut a scathing promo on the fans, saying they were what drove Omega to push himself through so many injuries last year. He then predicted that the Young Bucks would win back the AEW World Tag Team Championships and that Adam Cole would beat Hangman Page for the AEW World Championship, then said he’d be an excellent transitional champion until Omega comes back.

Regarding said return, Fightful Select added that Omega had a locker room reserved backstage for Sunday night’s show, but also noted that he’s still working as an EVP during his in-ring hiatus so there’s a chance he’s only backstage to work, not appear on the show.

Effin Don Callis tricking us all ??? #AEWRevolution

Omega talked about his recovery from multiple surgeries during a recent interview with the Wrestling Observer — “I was perhaps a little too optimistic. I was hoping to be back by February, and it’s not looking that way anymore. And that’s not to say that there was a huge snag or that you know there’s something that is terribly wrong. It’s not that. It’s just when you’re trying to get appointments and things fixed, you have it in your brain that oh yeah, I can just call a number, and I’ll get in the next day.

“I’m still feeling a little bit better as time goes by and that’s without even having to do a lot of the major procedures that need to be done. That’s just myself working with trainers and doing the proper rehab. I was leaning too heavily into my strengths as a performer and as an athlete. I guess over the years there were either just natural strengths that I had or things that I had overdeveloped and I was relying too much on those things,” he continued. “Now that the knees are gone, the neck’s going, a lot of stuff was going on.”

Do you think Kenny returns at some point tonight? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments and stay tuned for live coverage of the show!


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