Nintendo Switch Online 2.0.0 Update Live, Patch Notes Revealed

A new Nintendo Switch Online update is live across all Nintendo Switch consoles alongside patch notes. While we don’t know what the file size of the update is, and thus we have no insight in how long it make take you to download, we do know what the update does. That said, while the title “Update 2.0.0” may suggest the update is substantial in size, it’s not, however, it does come with a few new features.

According to the patch notes of the update, the overall design of the Nintendo Switch Online “has been updated. Meanwhile, there are a couple of new features involving friends and the ability to change your online status, which is something subscribers have been asking for since the release of Nintendo Switch Online.

Below, you can check out the update’s official patch notes, courtesy of Nintendo:

As always, we will keep you updated when and if more information about the update surfaces. While this is all Nintendo will have to say about the update, dataminers will be digging through the files of this update over the next few days in pursuit of anything interesting or noteworthy. If anything that ticks either of these boxes is found, we will let you know.

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