Dragon Ball Just Set Up Future Gohan's Return

Dragon Ball may have its hands busy behind the scenes with its anime, but it isn’t just Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero keeping fans on its toes. While the movie is slated to debut this spring, fans can still catch Dragon Ball Heroes each month as the PR anime puts out new episodes. Now, a brand-new arc has kicked off in the series, and its big premiere ends with the promise of Future Gohan’s return.

The update went live the other day when Dragon Ball Heroes kickstarted its new arc. It was there fans watched as Goku was reunited with some very familiar faces including Jiren and Yamcha. The group found itself split up into battles as Dragon Ball Heroes moved through the premiere. And by the end, the tournament’s higher-ups pushed forward a twist when it welcomed a cloaked figure to the game.

FUTURE GOHAN!!! ? pic.twitter.com/K5O0jK7nJJ

As you can see above, the mysterious fighter is totally covered in a loose cloak with a hood and scarf. He is missing one arm while the other pokes out from its baggy sleeve, and fans can see two pointed navy boots peeking from underneath the robe. Of course, the fighter’s face is shrouded by darkness, but the amputee has already got fans eyeing Future Gohan.

Not only do their missing arms align, but Future Gohan had a similar build to this character. That isn’t even accounting for the blue boots he wears which are also found in this shot. Clearly, it seems like Future Gohan has been ripped from his wild timeline to fight in this new arc. And given how little we see the hero on the small screen, you can see why Dragon Ball fans are hyped for his comeback.

What do you make of this quick tease? Do you think Dragon Ball Heroes may have plans for Future Gohan…? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.


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