My Hero Academia Looks Into Dabi's Past with This New Sketch

My Hero Academia is ready to go to war right now, and the manga has made it clear that the stakes for its pros are higher than ever. All For One has met our heroes at each step with force like they’ve never seen, and Dabi has become one of the league’s most instrumental tools. That was made even clearer in the manga this week, and that is why one of its assistants is now sharing a special sketch of Dabi for fans.

The artwork comes courtesy of Nagamoto1565, the Twitter profile of one of Kohei Horikoshi’s assistants. In the past, the My Hero Academia artist has showcased some sketches for fans on their personal page, and the new year has brought several more. So of course, fans were happy to see them shift focus to Dabi after the manga’s most recent chapter.

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As you can see above, the new sketch highlights the past and present for Dabi amidst this final arc. In the background, fans can see Dabi as we know him with his scarred face and manic smile. The adult is downright terrifying, but even his madness cannot compare to the glacial look his younger self is serving.

The sketch highlights Dabi’s youth in the foreground as the boy is hunched over here. Dabi looks roughed up in his training gear, but his deepest injuries are within him. After all, Dabi looks dead inside here, and we all know who is gaze is pointed towards. His father is the root of Dabi’s trauma, and Endeavor is about to reap the fruit of his misdeeds in this final arc.

After all, we know Dabi best by his current name, but he was born Touya Todoroki. The boy has aired out his grudge with Endeavor to the world, and he wants nothing more than to kill Shoto at this point. Now, the My Hero Academia manga is pitting the two brothers against one another, and this sketch is here to remind fans of how far Dabi has fallen over the years.

What do you think about this little sketch of Dabi? How do you think My Hero Academia will deal with the villain in its final arc? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.


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