Dragon Ball Reveals Closer Look at Majin Vegeta With New Art

Dragon Ball has revealed a new look at Majin Vegeta with some cool new art! The Dragon Ball franchise has introduced fans to all sorts of new powers and characters over the years, and even the main characters have gotten all sorts of makeovers as a result of each new power up. Vegeta is no exception to this, of course, as he has had some completely unique power ups and transformations over the years that none of the other characters had been able to tap into. Some of these transformations are more brutal than others, and that was especially true for Majin Vegeta.

Vegeta using the Majin magic power to achieve a new level of strength was one of the biggest moments of Dragon Ball Z‘s Majin Buu arc, and while the franchise has moved on far beyond this version of Vegeta, it’s still one of the most fondly remembered transformations in the series overall. Vegeta himself has evolved further beyond this level of negatively attained strength, but you can’t help how cool it is. It’s something even Dragon Ball Super illustrator Toyotaro understands, and you can check out the artist’s take on Majin Vegeta below:

Happy #SaiyanDay!
As part of a special collab between the Dragon Ball Official Site & Dokkan Battle, Toyotaro has drawn a picture of Majin Vegeta that players can get as an in-game wallpaper!

We’ll publish an interview with Toyotaro about its creation later too, so stay tuned! pic.twitter.com/KxMGjcJWzu

Released to celebrate a special collaboration between the official Dragon Ball website and the Dokkan Battle mobile game, Toyotaro had released this new sketch for Saiyan Day. The artist has never been able to squeeze this form into the pages of the manga as the story has moved far beyond the Majin Buu days, and thus this might be the only way fans get to see this favorite transformation in the illustrator’s style. Thankfully, this isn’t a transformation or power that Vegeta needs to rely on anymore.

With Vegeta unlocking his own new transformation in the Granolah the Survivor arc with Ultra Ego, now he has tapped into more of the godly power he had been training with and blending it with his Super Saiyan abilities. It’s still very much a transformation unique to him, but unlike Majin Vegeta, this was a form he was able to obtain all on his own. But what do you think? Where does Majin Vegeta rank among your favorite Vegeta forms? Would you want to see it in the manga again someday? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!


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