Fornite Chapter 3 Season 2 Makes Incredibly Divisive Gameplay Change

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, which is otherwise being called Resistance, has made an incredibly divisive change to start this new season of play. Typically, with any seasonal shift in Fortnite, developer Epic Games will make a number of tweaks in a general sense that will be present for a long period of time. However, with Chapter 3 Season 2, Epic has decided to remove the gameplay aspect of Fortnite that the game has always been synonymous with, and as a result, many players don’t know how to feel.

As of today, building in Fortnite has been completely removed for a brief period of time. This means that all of the gameplay mechanics that center around gathering materials to build various structures are no longer found in Fortnite. Instead, the title has become entirely focused on shooting mechanics and new movement functions that have also been added this season.

“Building has been wiped out! To help maintain cover, you now have an Overshield on top of your Shield and Health,” Epic explained of the changes in its new blog post today. “The Overshield is your first line of defense: before your Shield and Health take a hit, it’s your Overshield that’ll crack. Your Overshield will still recover if it goes all the way down to 0.”

Even though building has been removed from Fortnite’s standard gameplay mode, it hasn’t disappeared altogether. The competitive aspects of the game still see the building mechanics included, as does the title’s creative mode. Still, if you’re someone that is upset to see building going away, this change is one that shouldn’t last long. Current rumors and reports have suggested that this alteration will only be taking place for the first nine days of Chapter 3 Season 2. As such, by the end of this month, the mechanics should be coming back to all areas of Fortnite.

Still, how do you feel about seeing Epic remove Fortnite’s most unique gameplay feature for the time being? Is this something that you’re actually happy about? Let me know either down in the comments or message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.


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