Dragon Ball Z Cosplay Captures The Perfect Couple

One of the most unlikely pairings in the history of anime is Vegeta and Bulma, with the Prince of the Saiyans and the head of the Capsule Corporation striking up a relationship as a result of Vegeta’s time on Earth during Dragon Ball Z. Having two children so far in Trunks and Bulla, the pair seem inseparable, especially considering how much the Saiyan Prince has changed since landing on Earth and finding love on the world he once tried to destroy. With Bulma confirmed to appear in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the two are set to have a long future.

Currently, Vegeta is assisting Goku as a part of the Granolah The Survivor Arc in the pages of Dragon Ball Super‘s manga, wherein an intergalactic bounty hunter has a score to settle with the Saiyan Race for the destruction of his people, the Cerealians. Thanks to a misunderstanding between the parties involved orchestrated by the criminal organization of the Heeters, the Saiyans and the bounty hunter have come to the realization that they are on the same side and readers have been given the chance to learn more about Goku’s father Bardock. On top of everything, Vegeta was able to show off his new transformation, Ultra Ego, which he was able to learn by training with the God of Destruction Beerus.

Instagram Cosplayer Logan Chitwood shared this amazing couples Cosplay that sees Bulma and Vegeta side-by-side in their aesthetics from the Android Saga, in which the head of the Capsule Corporation was able to put the Saiyan Prince in an especially embarrassing shirt:

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In the upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero film, Vegeta presumably won’t be fighting against the Red Ribbon Army, training off-world with Goku and another surprising sparring partner. With the Saiyan Prince and Goku seemingly having buried the hatchet with the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly, the trio of Saiyans are apparently increasing their powers and sharpening their fighting skills on the world that Beerus and Whis call home. On top of this, it seems that Trunks will have a significant role to play as well, as fans are still reeling from the son of Vegeta and Bulma getting aged up quite a bit for the upcoming movie.

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