Family Guy Introduces Stewie's New Brother

Family Guy Season 22 has already been shaking up the Griffin Family with some new additions to the family in just the first few episodes, and now a new member has been added to the mix as Stewie figured out that he has yet another half-brother living in Boston! Family Guy has introduced more members of the Griffin extended family since the series began as Peter had previously spread his genetic material in a sperm bank, and leading to the debut of one of Stewie’s previously biggest rivals, Betram. But this time around it’s Lois’ side of things that leads to a new sibling.

Family Guy’s newest episode revealed that Lois Griffin actually sold some of her eggs, but Stewie had found out that 9 out of the 10 possible eggs were disposed of due to a lack of interest. It was here he figured out that he has another brother in Boston that resulted from this used egg, and fans were introduced to “Boston Stewie” a Boston stereotype version of Stewie that had a much rougher life than Stewie ever had while waiting to be adopted by the right mother.

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Family Guy Season 22 Episode 6, “Boston Stewie” sees Stewie heading to Boston to find out more about the half-brother he just found out about, and realized that this new brother wasn’t the educated person he was expecting. Instead it was a very brash kid who helped Stewie take control of the house after beating Peter and Lois severely. It was here that Boston Stewie explained that his mother didn’t want him and abandoned him, and he ended up leaving his orphanage when no one wanted him.

Stewie and his new half-brother then bond through the episode as they find out how they can improve each other’s lives, and Stewie then helps Boston Stewie to be adopted by a group of seven women (where he jokes that one will be his mother and the others will be his lovers) as it all comes to an end. It’s just yet another member of the extended Griffin family, and it likely will not be the last.

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